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My crafting space may be small but it’s definitely FULL! I use every inch of space in all rooms of my house and my crafting area is no exception.

While I’m a lover of clear plastic storage bins, rolling carts and 3 ring binders purely for function, these are not always the prettiest way to fill the shelves of my craft room. Since I’m in this area so often, I not only want it organized, but decorative as well.

I made a goal at the beginning of the year to beautify this space, while getting it MORE organized. Using some items I already had in the house and shopping sales at Hobby Lobby, I was able to get everything I needed for under $100! While we all know Hobby Lobby for their great home décor selection, I was excited to see the vast storage, labeling and organizational items they have as well. And nothing tugs at my heart more than a good label 🙂 .

For this project I focused on 3 main areas:

1 Rolling Cart

In my three-tiered rolling cart, I keep all my craft essentials. When working on a new project, I simply wheel out the essentials to have on hand as needed. While this is incredibly helpful in so many ways, I struggled to keep the items within the cart stored in a neat, pretty manor.

Here’s the supplies I used (all from Hobby Lobby):

  • Photo Boxes: on sale for $4.99 each
  • Oval Metal Pail with Handles: on sale for $4.99 each
  • White Sticker Labels with Gold Trim: $3.99
  • Small Rectangular Containers with Spring Color Lids: on sale for $4.79 for 3
  • Small Clear Compartment Organizers: $1.99-$3.99 each

The bulkier craft supplies were placed in the colorful metal bins. Two of these fit perfectly in the bottom shelf of my cart.

In the top and middle shelf, I used decorative photo boxes. These work really well for all sorts of storage solutions. Adding the gold rimmed sticker labels made searching for items so much easier.

I also wanted the storage inside the photo boxes to be organized and pretty, which is not always an easy feat. Smaller plastic containers were ideal for all the small items I had to store. Adding labels from my label maker to the sides of the containers helped me find what I was looking for easily and forced me to put everything away where I got it!

I had been struggling with a solution for storing our nails & screws for quite some time before I saw these 4-6 compartment organizers in assorted sizes. It was as if they were made to store nails!

When Joe (my husband) saw how I labeled the our nails & screws, he got a bit of a laugh … “Big”, “Medium” & “Small”. While I doubt the professionals sort their nails in such a way, it worked for us!

2 Shelf Storage

For storage on our metal wire wall shelves, I had two approaches. Some items would remain in the clear storage bins that I already owned and others would go in to new colorful cube storage bins.

Here’s the supplies I used (all from Hobby Lobby):

  • White Gift Tags: on sale for $.99
  • Foldable Storage Box: on sale for $7.99 each
  • White Sticker Labels with Gold Trim (same ones I used for the photo boxes): $3.99

Since the shelves were filled colorful storage cubes, I opted for simple white gift tags to label each. Using my label maker, I printed the labels with small black font adhering them to the bottom of the gift tag. The result was clean and simple …. just what I wanted.

I love that this simple labeling solution is easy and affordable to swap out over time if I opt to use the bins for other purposes.

The clear storage bins needed some attractive labeling as well. The gold rimmed sticker labels used for the photo boxes were a perfect addition. They added the right amount of color and interest while still being easy to read. I kept the same clean bold font as on the gift tags. While I love creative fun fonts, I found that this simple bold design was easier on the eye which made locating items simpler.

3 Paper Storage

Ugh paper. Love hate relationship. While I would love to go paperless with everything, it’s just not going to happen. EVER. So instead my goal is to make the paper storage easy to access and pleasing to the eye.

Here’s the supplies I used (all from Hobby Lobby):

  • Wrapping Paper: $3.99
  • Foam Board: $1.99
  • Alphabet Stickers: $4.99

Have you ever tried to store 3 ring binders and folders on wire shelves? If you have, you’ll appreciate my first step: to cover some of our wire shelving with foam board. This creates an easier way to store 3 ring binders and additional craft papers. All you need is wrapping paper and foam board. Take a look at my full tutorial to create foam board shelving in just 5 minutes!

Once the foam board was placed down on the wire shelving it was much easier to store binders and paper pouches. Those green binders are a nice pop of color, but needed labeling. I made my own labels very easily from the simple black font alphabet stickers I grabbed on my Hobby Lobby trip. I made sure to get a large enough sticker size that it would be easy to read sideways!

So I’m here to tell you that even storage can look attractive! Not only attractive, but MORE organized.

Here’s a rough breakdown of how I spent my money:

  • 1 Rolling Cart: $41
  • 2 Shelf Storage: $45
  • 3 Paper Storage: $11

TOTAL = $97

Visit: Hobby for these finds and much much more!

As I mentioned, many of the items I purchased were already on sale at Hobby Lobby. When I buy a regularly priced item, I always use their smart phone app to pull up the weekly coupons.

You can use the coupon below on your next trip to Hobby Lobby. Either print it out or show it to the cashier on your phone!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Hobby Lobby. The opinions and text are all mine.






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I have a love hate relationship with white wire shelving. It’s affordable, readily available, adjustable and pretty nice looking. I should probably just resort to loving it because it’s in every one of our closets. But it can be so difficult to use. Crumbs fall, spills are messy, it’s difficult to clean and many items won’t stand straight on top of them.

Thank goodness the fix is super simple and affordable!

Foam board was my preferred solution since it was thick enough to hold everything and pretty easy to work with. But it created it’s own problems. Spills aren’t easy to wipe up. Plus the white color is a little boring. I wanted some color! Here’s my solution:



Measure your shelves width and depth in the area where the foam shelf board will go.

Next cut the foam board just a tiny bit shorter than your shelf measurements. My shelf measured at 25′ w x 12′ d so I cut the foam board to 24′ w x 11 1/2′ d. Its much easier to make your foam boards a little too small as opposed to a little too big, especially after the next step of covering with wrapping paper or contact paper.

I then cut my contact paper / wrapping the same width as the foam board and one inch longer in depth than the foam board. This is so I could wrap the wrapping paper over the front side edges of the foam board.

If you’re using contact paper, simply place your contact paper onto the foam board (if you struggle with contact paper, take a look at my tutorial). For those using wrapping paper, follow these instructions:

Spray the adhesive spray over the foam board and place your wrapping paper on top. Starting in the middle, smooth the wrapping paper onto the board. I grabbed a long book to help smooth it down (a ruler would have been an easier choice, but I couldn’t find one).

Then spray about an inch in length on the opposite side of the foam bard so that you can wrap that extra 1 inch of wrapping paper around it. Remember that when using the adhesive spray make sure you’re in a well ventilated area.

Now place your foam board shelf cover onto your wire shelf and stock up with all your items.  You can LOVE wire shelving again!

(It was because of these binders that I was inspired to make the foam board shelves. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to store binders on wire shelving without the foam boards!)





Best tip to get organized for tax season!

Every year I had the best of intentions to file our taxes EARLY or at minimum really get ‘ahead of it’. It’s taken us a couple years to find a system that works for us, but I’m really happy on how organized we’ve become in preparing our taxes. Now granite, we do not DO our own taxes. We have an accountant that handles that tough work for us. Between selling our old condo, getting married, and purchasing a new townhouse over the years along with me being self-employed, it makes more sense for us to use a professional.

While we may be paying someone to assist, we don’t just hand over a wad of messy paperwork and wish him well. Being organized and ahead of the game not only saves us time, but it saves our accountant time. And that means it’s saves us money. So it’s a win-win all around.


Document List

In early January, I make a list of all the documents we’ll need to collect on my Tax Checklist. This includes any earnings documents (such as w2s and 1099s from our employers, checking accounts, savings account and investments), deductions (donations, mortgage tax credit) and general documents that our accountant will need (copies of our drivers license, checking account information for refunds or payments, copy of last year’s return).

It’s extremely helpful to do this step first before I try to compile any documents.

I keep the Tax Checklist in a clear folder near our entry where I place our mail. It makes collecting and storing these documents easier.

Best tip to get organized for tax season!

Organize Documents

As I receive a tax document in the mail, I add it to the folder and highlight it on my Tax Checklist. It’s an easy visual way to know which documents I still need to collect.

Some of the documents we’ll need may not come in the mail as we elect to have a lot of paperless statements. For those, I simply go online to the account and print them off.

By mid-February, I make sure that we’ve compiled all the documents from the list.

There’s some documents that I save throughout the year in a small plastic pouch including charitable donation receipts and paid property taxes. I add these to our clear tax folder to supply to our accountant.

Best tip to get organized for tax season!

Scan Documents

Before handing the tax folder over to our accountant, I scan each document electronically. Yes, this may seem a bit time consuming when there’s a lot of documents to scan. After all the time it takes to compile the documents, it’s worth it to me to have backup in the event that something happens to the ones we turn in to our accountant. (Note this has never happened, but it does make me sleep soundly knowing it wouldn’t be a problem!)

Instead of a huge bulky scanner, I use a Neat Desk Scanner. It’s extremely easy to use and compact enough to store easily once I’m finished using.  Highly recommend!

Best tip to get organized for tax season!

Save Finalized Documents

After our accountant completes our taxes, he packages everything up and provides us a folder of all the documents. I file this each year in a binder with the year labeled in case of an audit. Each year I simply add an additional folder with the new year labeled. I rotate out the taxes from over 7 years ago yearly to make room for the new year’s documents.

I also scan the finalized documents from our accountant, adding this to the already scanned prep documents. It’s just great to have a digital copy of everything.

To summarize my digital system:

I have a folder titled ‘Taxes” within My Documents. The level of sub folders are for each year of taxes:

Within each of year, I have folders for Deductions, Earnings, Additional Documents, & Finalized Taxes from Accountant

I hope these tips make tax season a little easier and more streamlined!

Best tip to get organized for tax season!

I always treat myself to a cocktail when I’m finished!

** All these tips and checklists are personal use only. I love to organize, but I’m not a tax professional! Always consult your tax professional for tax advice. **






I don’t know what it is about envelope liners, but that extra sheet of paper perfectly assembled in to the envelope always make an invitation look a little bit more special. At the same time, it seems like one of those things that appears so elegant in a magazine, but the DIY option could be a huge flop. So out of fear of ‘flopping’ I’ve avoided making these until now!




The first step is to select the envelope you’d like to use and pick a paper for the liner. I prefer to use wrapping paper for my liners, but most thin paper will work great. Just make sure to avoid thick cardstock.

There’s two ways to create the paper liner:

1 The easiest way is to use a pre-made template. The most popular paper liner template comes from Paper Source and includes a variety of size templates to fit most envelopes. (see photos below) Once you’ve selected the correct template size, use a scissor or x-acto knife to cut out the liner. If you use an X-Acto knife, make sure to place a cutting matt underneath the paper to prevent any damage to your table.

2 If you don’t have or want to purchase a template, you can use your own envelope as the template. To do so, open the envelope and lay it flat on the liner paper. Trace the entire envelope on the liner paper lightly with a pencil. After cutting out the template, you’ll need to trim it down a little so that it can slide into the opening of the envelope. I trimmed 3/8 inch from each side and 3/4 inch from the bottom.

Step by step guide to make your own envelope liners!


Once you have the paper liner cut out, insert the liner into your envelope. If it’s still a little big, simply trim down each side evenly.

When you’ve got the liner to the correct size, fold down your envelope flap with the liner inside creating a crease in the liner. Then place a couple pieces of double sided tape at the top and sides of the liner to secure inside the envelope.

Now that you’ve got a beautiful envelope liner, you just need something to go inside so …. keep scrolling down!

Baby Shower Invitation Template

Now that you’ve made some super easy envelope liners, here’s an even easier project – the invitations! A quick, simple and super cute Bless this Nest theme invitation. This past fall, I threw my first baby shower for a friend who was planning a bird themed nursery. Matching the shower theme to the nursery decor was a fun touch!

To use the template, simply download it here and edit the wording to match your shower details. You’ll want to print these invitations with thick card stock on a color printer. If you don’t have a color printer and/or thick card stock, Kinko’s can print these for you easily and very affordably!  Each sheet includes 4 invitations. Free Baby Shower Invitation template, Bless this Nest themed
Bless this Nest baby shower template and envelope liners

If you’d like to see the rest of the baby shower hosting, follow along in our Bless this Nest series for tips on food, decorating and planning!








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While we’ve got a good solution for larger cords, I noticed that our daily use electronics cords were a mess. Which is much less than ideal since it seems like my electronics are ALWAYS running low on battery. I can never remember which cord goes with which gadget. Oh how I wish every iPhone and iPad could just use the same charger!

Joe can look at any of the cords below and know exactly which electronic item they belong to. Me? I try to plug in every single cord until discovering the very last one fits 🙂 . Happens.Every.Time. Fortunately the problem was solved with this quick labeling trick.



For this project the pictures speak a thousand words. I just love how easy this one is.

First, pull out all the electronics cords you need labeled. I found 5 different ones that I use regularly. Using your label maker, print individual labels for each. I used label clear label maker cartridge with black ink.

Wrap a piece of washi tape around the end of your cord. Adhere the label to the washi tape. Then trim the edge of the washi tape to make a straight line.

Yep, that’s it. Easy peasy!


Easy to make DIY storage for your dirty towels & rags in the kitchen! Step by step tutorial for a pretty solution for those dirty towels!





This is a sponsored post in conjunction with  Mom It Forward Influencer Network and The Council for Responsible Nutrition. As always, all my opinions in this post are 100% my own!  


Is one of your New Year’s resolutions include losing weight or being healthy? How did I guess? According to Statistic Brain, over 55% of New Year’s resolutions include health and/or weight loss. So I guess we’re all in good company right?


Well, for right NOW we are.


In fear of sounding like a Debbie Downer, I always wonder how many people keep up their New Year’s resolutions come …. say October? Heck even June? Let’s make it easy, April? Or even one month in … February?

The gold standard rule to stick with a new goal is to continuously do it for 21 days in a row. Supposedly if you can make it 21 days, you’re much more likely to stay with it long term.

While I’m no expert on health and weight loss, I’m pretty disciplined with planning and organization. So many resolutions & goals that don’t make it past the 21 day mark probably could with a little planning and organization. 

Here’s how I’m incorporating a little planning & organization in to my

Health & Wellness New Year’s Resolution

Get a Plan

I start with an annual goal and break it down to monthly milestones that I need to accomplish to hit my goal. For some it might also be helpful to take it a step further to weekly milestones, but I know that weekly is just too much for me. The key to setting the annual goals is to make them tangible and measurable. For example, ‘become healthier this year’ is great and all (don’t we all want to be healthier?), but it’s difficult to  determine success at the end of the year. Another way to write it could be ‘loose x pounds this year’ or ‘train and successfully complete a ½ marathon’.


To Do List

Yes, we all have one. Some are longer than others. I review my annual goals and monthly milestones to determine the action items I need to take.

While a to-do list may seem like a necessary evil, having one central location where all your action items live is truly the most efficient way to get things done. No need to have a separate list to keep goal oriented action items in. It will be more streamlined (and likely easiest) to add these new action items right in to your already existing to-do list. Hopefully you’re already trained to look at your to-do list regularly (:) ). Personally, I use the app ToDoist, but there are many options for smart phone apps and even more paper printable to-do lists.


Prepping Meals in Advance

I like to grocery shop once a week, with a list in hand of everything I’ll need for each meal for the coming week. In order to do this, prior to my trip I plan out each meal for the next 7 days. As planned as I am, I’m never 100% perfect with meal planning. I’m OK with that because even if I stick with it 90% of the time, I save time, money and eat healthier. I’ve never been known to grab a healthy vegetable when extreme hunger hits and I have no food prepared!


Supplements made Easy

Since we all know there is no such thing as a perfect diet (don’t we wish!), dietary supplements help fill nutrition gaps and promote overall health and wellness for the many Americans who cannot get enough essential nutrients from diet alone. More than 170 million Americans take dietary supplements each year, according to a survey from the Council for Responsible Nutrition, so you’re in good company if you already are taking one.

Since supplements work best if you actually take them regularly (:) ) and since I have an awful memory, I use a pill case stored with all my daily toiletries. It makes it fool proof, even for me.

Another fun fact: The multivitamin is the most popular dietary supplement, with 75 percent of supplement users taking one, according to a 2016 survey from the Council for Responsible Nutrition. So that’s what I fill up my pill case with each week!


Exercise in my Calendar

I noticed recently that although I add all work and personal events into my Google calendar, I wasn’t incorporating exercise time into my calendar. Since it wasn’t in my calendar and I wasn’t getting reminders to exercise, it soon became out of sight out of mind. By simply scheduling my workouts, just like I do conference calls, it encouraged me to stick with it and commit.


Double Dip Exercise

I love eating out and grabbing drinks with girlfriends as a way to socialize. In fact it might be one of my favorite things to do. But with goals to be healthier this year and only so many hours in a day, I’ve started trading in my dinners for walks with friends (easy way to exercise while still getting some quality friend time). Living in Seattle, I have so many hiking options available. Admittedly I’m not exactly a ‘nature girl’, but I’ve started taking advantage of some of the outdoor opportunities that Washington has to offer. It’s been a great way to try something new while getting in some serious exercise.


Making Water Delicious

Whether your goal is to lose weight or become healthier this year, drinking water should be high on the list. Now I’ll admit it. I hate water. Yep I do. I’d rather have a cup of coffee or ANYTHING else other than water and rarely reach my daily water intake. So to encourage my stubborn self to drink more water, each week, I make a couple large jugs of infused flavored water. Once I finish drinking them, I simply refill the water.


Reviews & Revising

After years of not sticking with resolutions that I deem not important, I’ve learned the value of reviewing and revising my goals regularly. I decided that there’s no shame in changing or removing a goal that no longer makes sense. For example, a couple years ago I was insistent on running a half marathon. While it sounds like a reasonable healthy goal, half way through the year of training I finally came to grips with the fact that I hate running. Yep, I just don’t like it. It was a big lesson learned on setting goals that I actually WANT to accomplish. But I also gave myself permission to change this goal to something I DO want to accomplish. Ever since then I review my goals at least monthly.


What are your best tips to keep organized with New Years Resolutions? Share them in the comments section!

Are you keeping up with your new years resolutions? Here's how!