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How to organize your clothes and closet by seasons to make swapping out your wardrobe so easy. Your closet has never looked better!

I swoon over the mega closets that I see on TV. You know the ones that could double as a studio apartment? Yes, I love LOOKING at these because I definitely do not have one! Granted, I do have a walk in closet (which is shared with Joe), but there’s not enough space to have all 4 seasons of clothes easily reachable. So I’ve learned to get a little creative with storage solutions and slowly learning the art of downsizing!

While some may find this task …. well a task, I look forward to it. Even more than that. I ENJOY it. Yes, call me crazy, but pulling out my upcoming season of clothes and doing a refresh of my closet 4 times a year is my form of relaxation. My perfect ‘me time’. Obviously, any chance to organize something in our home brings me joy, but it’s also so fun to swap out my wardrobe with clothes that FEEL new (aka – haven’t been worn for several months). It’s my zero cost shopping spree.

When I was doing my weekly shopping at Kroger this past weekend, I grabbed the new Style Watch while at checkout which got me excited for spring clothing season. Now I’ll never be known for my style, but I do like a new wardrobe refresh as much as the next and some fun inspiration.

How to organize your clothes and closet by seasons to make swapping out your wardrobe so easy. Your closet has never looked better!

I turn on some music, grab a glass of wine and a couple magazines for inspiration for the next couple hours of clothing and organization! Now how could that sound like a chore?

The very first thing I do is pull out all my current wardrobe out of the closet. Some of my current season clothing can actually be worn all year round, such as jeans and a couple sweaters. Seattle is known for their rain, but NOT extreme temperatures! I take those pieces and put them back in the closet.

How to organize your clothes and closet by seasons to make swapping out your wardrobe so easy. Your closet has never looked better!

I use this organization session as an opportunity to sort through and get rid of any current season clothes that I haven’t worn in the last couple months. No, I don’t LOVE getting rid of things, but I follow a simple system to sort through items in any room. By creating baskets to donate, fix, sell, or hold, I’m able to get rid of pieces that I just don’t wear. (My ‘hold’ basket is for clothing that I’m just not ready to get rid of but I know I should! I hold on to these until the next season to make a final decision).

Grab my downloadable labels to help!

How to organize your clothes and closet by seasons to make swapping out your wardrobe so easy. Your closet has never looked better!

How to organize your clothes and closet by seasons to make swapping out your wardrobe so easy. Your closet has never looked better!

When evaluating each piece, I ask myself the following:

  • Have I worn this recently?
  • Will I wear it soon?
  • Do you have similar pieces taking up valuable space?
  • Does it fit?
  • Is the piece stretched, stained, damaged, or torn?


I follow the same process to review each piece of upcoming season clothing to decide if any need to go in the donate, fix, sell or hold baskets. Once I’ve hopefully purged a couple pieces (???), I sort all the clothes based on type. Casual t-shirts, dressy shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses, pants, etc. This is also a good opportunity to find a couple more pieces to purge.

How to organize your clothes and closet by seasons to make swapping out your wardrobe so easy. Your closet has never looked better!

For example, you can see I’m apparently a big fan of red: 4 red dresses and 4 red sweaters!

How to organize your clothes and closet by seasons to make swapping out your wardrobe so easy. Your closet has never looked better!

How to organize your clothes and closet by seasons to make swapping out your wardrobe so easy. Your closet has never looked better!

Don’t forget about shoes, jewelry, purses and scarves.

Our closet came with lots of built in wire shelving. I do love the shelving options, but it does take away from hanging space. After some time getting used to this set up, I found that I actually prefer the shelving when used with large canvas baskets. One basket for each category of clothing ….

made easier with these printable labels.

How to organize your clothes and closet by seasons to make swapping out your wardrobe so easy. Your closet has never looked better!

How to organize your clothes and closet by seasons to make swapping out your wardrobe so easy. Your closet has never looked better!

When placing the upcoming season clothing back in to my closet, I follow a couple tips to make the most use out of my side of the closet:

  • Pants are always placed on multi pant hangers to take up less room. I have one for jeans and one for dress pants.
  • Clothing is organized by type (pants, t-shirts, dresses, etc).
  • While it’s the trend to put shoes in clear containers with PHOTOS on the front, for me it’s more effort than it’s worth. I’m able to see through the clear containers easily without a photo on the front. Plus I don’t have to swap out the photo when I swap out my seasonal shoes!
  • Clothing that is used more frequently should be the EASIEST to reach. For me that’s t-shirts, lettings and sweatshirts. Yes, working from home has its benefits! My dresses are pretty hard to reach 🙂 .
  • Bulkier items, such as sweaters, go on the hanging shelf, while slimmer pieces such as t-shirts and skirts are either hung up or go in baskets.
  • Purses go in basket or on the shelves to extend their life, instead of hanging on hooks.

How to organize your clothes and closet by seasons to make swapping out your wardrobe so easy. Your closet has never looked better!

How to organize your clothes and closet by seasons to make swapping out your wardrobe so easy. Your closet has never looked better!

How to organize your clothes and closet by seasons to make swapping out your wardrobe so easy. Your closet has never looked better!

While I like to find a system that works (forever), these quarterly clothing swap sessions are a good opportunity to evaluate what’s working and what’s not. I decided that a foldable stool would be a great addition to the closet to reach the upper shelves. I try to use vertical space as much as possible!

Head over to your closest Kroger store and grab the latest Style Watch, PEOPLE, or InStyle to inspire your own seasonal closet refresh & organization! I have a great coupon below! #adv






After moving in to our townhouse a couple years ago, we’ve racked up a good amount of paint cans and lots of painting! Labeling these with more complete information (including date purchased and room used in) found it’s way to the bottom of a very long to do list.

Yes, this seemed like a back-burner project for the longest time. That was until I needed to touch up the paint in several rooms we had painted. Uh oh. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember which paint went with which room (apparently I use LOTS of different shades of gray paint!) and I was pretty sure I was missing a couple paint cans as well. Thank goodness my local Benjamin Moore store kept a file of my past purchases.

So no time like the present to get these paint cans organized with better labels.

I know what some of you are thinking …. typically when you purchase a new can of paint, it’s already labeled: either at the top of the can, if the store is mixing the paint for you, or on the side if it’s an off the shelf pre-made color. But not typically both. For this labeling project, I chose to stick labels on both sides. The main reason for this is that I’m admittedly a messy painter and paint often drips on the side of the can, not only causing a mess, but also covering the original label. So better safe than sorry with two labels, right?

I created these labels on 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper and printed on stickered white paper. In the template, you’ll find labels for the tops of your 1 gallon cans, 1 quart cans, and 1 pint cans as well as universal labels for the sides of all these cans.

Grab the printable paint can template that I put together.

To make these super easy to adhere, print them out with my stickered white paper. I used my paper cutting tools to cut out the individual labels, but a simple scissor will also do the job just fine!

Each label has space to fill out the following:

  • Brand
  • Paint color
  • Date purchased
  • Room
  • Paint finish (matte, semi-gloss, etc)
  • Notes
  • Small circle to make a paint mark for quick visual color reference

Dab a little paint in the circle for a quick visual color reference. I could barely see this color paint … I guess it literally is just a gray tint!

Although I claim to be finished painting rooms in our home (which definitely makes Joe happy), I printed off a couple extra labels just IN CASE I find another room to paint in the future. I store all any extra labels in plastic pouches for easy use.

Grab the printable paint can template!

Here’s a quick list of the supplies needed for this project:





While I want to be an ‘all digital’ gal, I’m about 50/50 on utilizing paper vs electronic documents. There’s just some things that seem to be a little easier to store in a hard copy paper format. One of those things is all the warranties and manuals we have from our bigger household items. Fortunately, I rarely need these. But when I do, it can be challenging AND frustrating to find if not organized correctly.

The warranty & manual binder was born!

The first thing I did was pull out all our manuals, receipts and warranties that I found throughout our home. Next I had to decide what paperwork to keep. While I could store every manual I’ve ever received, here’s my litmus test:

If the item stopped working, would I go through the effort to return it, try to fix it or ask for a replacement?

Some household are affordable enough that I would likely just purchase a new one and others I only expect to last a short amount of time. Items such as toaster and coffee makers are examples of product manuals that I don’t keep.

After reviewing the household paperwork that we have, I sorted in the following categories:

  • Kitchen
  • Master bedroom
  • Guest room
  • Family room
  • Electronics
  • Jewelry
  • Misc (I seem to always have a Misc category!)

Then for each household item, I hold on to:

  • Manual
  • Receipt
  • Warranty

** for some items, I was missing one of more of these. That’s OK, I just collected what I had.


I make a copy of each of the receipts I have (because the originals seem to always fade over time),

Once I had my categories determined & paperwork organized, here’s the supplies I used to compile the binders:

I used my trusty label maker to label each divider with my categories.

I pull out a clear sheet protector for each item and stick the label on the top right corner. Filling out the details:

  • The product (including make and model)
  • Date purchased
  • Store
  • Cost

Once I compiled everything in to the binder, it was pretty full to capacity. So every time we get rid of a product listed in the binder, we get rid of the paperwork. I also take a couple minutes once or twice a year to flip through to make sure the binder is up to date.

Added bonus is that compiling these all in one place actually ended up taking less space than spread out throughout our house. And I’m all about saving room!

Now if you want to get extra fancy with labeling your, here’s my step by step to a snazzy binder cover!






I have a love hate relationship with white wire shelving. It’s affordable, readily available, adjustable and pretty nice looking. I should probably just resort to loving it because it’s in every one of our closets. But it can be so difficult to use. Crumbs fall, spills are messy, it’s difficult to clean and many items won’t stand straight on top of them.

Thank goodness the fix is super simple and affordable!

Foam board was my preferred solution since it was thick enough to hold everything and pretty easy to work with. But it created it’s own problems. Spills aren’t easy to wipe up. Plus the white color is a little boring. I wanted some color! Here’s my solution:



Measure your shelves width and depth in the area where the foam shelf board will go.

Next cut the foam board just a tiny bit shorter than your shelf measurements. My shelf measured at 25′ w x 12′ d so I cut the foam board to 24′ w x 11 1/2′ d. Its much easier to make your foam boards a little too small as opposed to a little too big, especially after the next step of covering with wrapping paper or contact paper.

I then cut my contact paper / wrapping the same width as the foam board and one inch longer in depth than the foam board. This is so I could wrap the wrapping paper over the front side edges of the foam board.

If you’re using contact paper, simply place your contact paper onto the foam board (if you struggle with contact paper, take a look at my tutorial). For those using wrapping paper, follow these instructions:

Spray the adhesive spray over the foam board and place your wrapping paper on top. Starting in the middle, smooth the wrapping paper onto the board. I grabbed a long book to help smooth it down (a ruler would have been an easier choice, but I couldn’t find one).

Then spray about an inch in length on the opposite side of the foam bard so that you can wrap that extra 1 inch of wrapping paper around it. Remember that when using the adhesive spray make sure you’re in a well ventilated area.

Now place your foam board shelf cover onto your wire shelf and stock up with all your items.  You can LOVE wire shelving again!

(It was because of these binders that I was inspired to make the foam board shelves. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to store binders on wire shelving without the foam boards!)





While we’ve got a good solution for larger cords, I noticed that our daily use electronics cords were a mess. Which is much less than ideal since it seems like my electronics are ALWAYS running low on battery. I can never remember which cord goes with which gadget. Oh how I wish every iPhone and iPad could just use the same charger!

Joe can look at any of the cords below and know exactly which electronic item they belong to. Me? I try to plug in every single cord until discovering the very last one fits 🙂 . Happens.Every.Time. Fortunately the problem was solved with this quick labeling trick.



For this project the pictures speak a thousand words. I just love how easy this one is.

First, pull out all the electronics cords you need labeled. I found 5 different ones that I use regularly. Using your label maker, print individual labels for each. I used label clear label maker cartridge with black ink.

Wrap a piece of washi tape around the end of your cord. Adhere the label to the washi tape. Then trim the edge of the washi tape to make a straight line.

Yep, that’s it. Easy peasy!


Easy to make DIY storage for your dirty towels & rags in the kitchen! Step by step tutorial for a pretty solution for those dirty towels!





As I’m sure many of you can relate, some home projects are home runs and others are epic fails. Not every creative organizing solution I envision in my head ends up working out in reality. But then some of them do.

We wanted to take some time to show you our most successful 10 organizing projects of 2016. Some of these projects were a gamble … I wasn’t sure if it would be a hit or miss, but fortunately these were hits!


1 | Christmas Light Storage

Storing Christmas lights has to be the WORST Christmas decoration to store. And even worse to take out of storage. Am I right? I used a simple piece of cardboard to make the whole process A LOT easier!

The BEST way to store and organize your Christmas lights!

2 | Pringles Can Pen Holder 

This was a silly ‘hail Mary’ type of project that I honestly wasn’t sure if would actually hold up. Well over 9 months later, I’m still using these DIY pen holders in my craft closet. Added bonus: You’ll be forced to eat all the Pringles first. You’re welcome!


3 | Triangular Drawer Storage 

I could spend every last dollar I have on storage gadgets. I LOVE them. But unfortunately I couldn’t find any triangular drawer storage dividers to store small odds & ends next to our extra long grilling supplies. So I made my own. There’s a first time for everything!

DIY triangular kitchen drawer divider step by step guide solves all my kitchen storage problems!

4 | Wine Tag Labels

One member of my family drinks the fancy wine and the other drinks lots of the cheap stuff. I’ll let you guess who is who, but to ensure I don’t accidentally grab the wrong bottle, I made these wine tag labels to easily denote type and price.

5 | Hair Dryer Storage 

Cabinet space is at a premium in our home, so taking up an entire bathroom cabinet for my hair dryer, straightener and curling iron wasn’t an option. Hair dryer storage products that I found in stores we’re just as bulky, defeating the purpose. So I made my own hair dryer storage VERY frugally with a couple thrift store items.

6 | Wrapping Paper Drawer Liners

I love pretty drawer liners. It ‘beautifies’ any drawer (and everything inside)… in the bathroom, kitchen, dresser, or night stand. But sometimes it’s hard to find the right pattern. Fortunately there’s a HUGE supply of beautiful wrapping paper available in almost much every store. This step by step guide to covering wrapping paper with contact paper to create the pretty drawer liners was a huge hit on the blog.

7 | Portable Medical Binder 

Keeping medical documents organized might have been the most difficult organization project that I tackled in 2016. But it felt oh so good once it was accomplished. I finally found a system that works.

8 | Monthly Greeting Card Organizer 

Organizing my greeting cards by the MONTH I need to use them completely ROCKED my world. Each month I simply grab the cards from the current month’s tab to fill out and mail.

greeting card

9 | Lunch Prep Station 

I know that packing and making lunches ahead of time will save me both time and money. But it always seems like such a hassle as I’m rushing out the door in the morning. I created a lunch prep station in my kitchen to make preparing lunches a breeze!

Lunch Prep Station

10 | Canvas Bags to Store Dirty Towels 

I hate running upstairs to the laundry room every time I needed to put a dirty kitchen towel away. These cute canvas bags hooked on the back of our kitchen closet made storing dirty towels SO much easier. Then once the bag was full, I do a load of laundry. (a win for organization and for this lazy girl!)

dirty towels

Here’s hoping that 2017 will be just as organized as 2016!





The BEST (and easiest) home organizing projects of the year!


This post about my dream career was sponsored by AT-A-GLANCE as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

The best ways to prepare for your new baby!

When I ‘spilled the beans’ and told my girlfriends I was pregnant and due in April, they all assumed I had everything figured out. I heard lots of “oh I bet you’re so organized with everything”, “I’m sure you’ve already heard about x, y or z”, or “you’ve probably already done x a while ago”. Well, NO for the record I haven’t done any of those things yet and my head was officially spinning! Since this is my first pregnancy I had (read: STILL have) no clue what I’m doing or what I should be doing.

I decided early on that I wanted to make the most of my pregnancy time and get as much done as possible. And I’m not just talking about baby stuff. This includes non baby related projects that I want to get done around the house (arrr …. getting blinds for the home we’ve lived in for over 2 years). You know those projects that unfinished drive you crazy, but you just haven’t carved out time to complete yet. While I know I keep busy NOW, but I had NO idea what life was going to be like come April with a new baby boy joining the family. So no time like the present (or the next 9 months)…..

The best ways to prepare for your new baby!

How I Prepared for Our Baby!

Baby List

The very first thing I did was create a master list of everything that needed to be done before the baby arrives. Since I wasn’t really sure WHAT needed to be done, I spent the first month asking my friends lots of questions, reading books, and … well Googling. I complied over 100 things that needed to be accomplished before April. I know I know. That sounds CRAZY. While over 100 things to do does sound a bit nutty, I made the list extremely granular to help me take action on it.

For example, instead of just listing ‘baby announcements’ as a to-do item, I broke it down further – 1) make a list of everyone we want to send baby announcements to, 2) get addresses of everyone, 3) find a announcement design that I like. While breaking down an action item into smaller items adds a lot more to-dos, it also makes it much more ACTIONABLE.

If you need some help coming up with your list, check out my Top 10 Unique Things to Do Before You’re Due to get the ideas flowing.

The best ways to prepare for your new baby!

Home Projects

I spent a good two hours walking through each inch of our townhouse one weekend writing down every project I would like to get done (if time were no object). In a way it was kind of a ‘dream list’. Once completed, I reduced down the list to the realistic projects that were important to complete. This ended up being about half the items on the list to get done before the baby arrived.


Now that the to-do lists were complete (or work in progress) I moved everything over to my calendar. I’m a pen and paper gal, especially when it comes to huge projects (did I just call having a baby that?? Well, you know what I mean, right?!). Incorporating my baby tasks in to my AT-A-GLANCE calendars made perfect sense. I simply denoting baby oriented events and tasks in a blue pen.

I took my baby list & home projects list and designated a specific month that I will commit to accomplishing each task. This alone made me feel SO much less stressed. Huge to-do lists are great and all, but then you’ve got to get the work done. Keep in mind that in the 3rd trimester you may be less mobile AND you have no control over your due date! My goal is to have everything accomplished 1 month prior to my due date. This leaves me a little wiggle room for last minute odds & ends in case the baby arrives early.

Here’s how I organize my calendars ….

The best ways to prepare for your new baby!

Weekly calendar

  • Tracking how far along I am by weeks
  • Details on doctors appointments, baby showers, & baby classes
  • Find available slots of time to complete items on my master to do list (making a calendar appointment helps me get the work done!)
  • List of questions to ask my doctor in the Notes section for the week of the appointment

Monthly calendar

  • Vacations
  • Doctor appointments & classes
  • Tracking how far along I am by weeks
  • Due date!
  • Family & friends visiting


In the back of my planner, I keep a list of baby product suggestions I receive from friends. Until a friend mentioned to me, I never heard of Boppy, FridaBaby, or Bumbo before!

The best ways to prepare for your new baby!

The best ways to prepare for your new baby!

Learn more about AT-A-GlANCE and all their gorgeous styles by following them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!

The best way to prepare for your first baby!




12 Days of Christmas Ideas

‘Creative Christmas Decoration Storage’

It’s day three of the 12 Days of Christmas Ideas Series and since I’m a sucker for great organizing solutions, I’m sharing the 12 Most Creative Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas on the web! There’s now NO excuse not to put away your Christmas decorations at the end of the season 🙂 . 

1 Christmas Lights

The BEST way to store and organize your Christmas lights!{source}

2 Fragile Glass Ornaments

12 Smart Ways to Store Your Christmas Decorations{source}


3 Christmas Tree

12 Smart Ways to Store Your Christmas Decorations{source}


4 Labels

12 Smart Ways to Store Your Christmas Decorations{source}


5 Garland

12 Smart Ways to Store Your Christmas Decorations{source}


6 Christmas Cards

12 Smart Ways to Store Your Christmas Decorations{source}


7 Wreaths

12 Smart Ways to Store Your Christmas Decorations{source}


8 Wrapping Paper

12 Smart Ways to Store Your Christmas Decorations{source}


9 Cardboard Dividers for Ornaments

12 Smart Ways to Store Your Christmas Decorations{source}


10 Gift Wrap Station



11 Egg Cartons for Ornaments

12 Smart Ways to Store Your Christmas Decorations{source}


12 Clear Containers

12 Smart Ways to Store Your Christmas Decorations{source}


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Join us for the 12 Days of Christmas Ideas Series along with eleven other amazing bloggers. We’ve rounded up the best of the best Christmas ideas to make your holiday season more festive and fun.

Every day December 1 – 12th we will be sharing a new collection of Christmas ideas rounded up from the best blogs around the web. That’s a total of 144 awesome Christmas ideas to make your holiday season easier and more fun! Some of our topics include Decor, DIY, Organization, Food, Games and so much more. We don’t want to spoil the fun by telling you too much. Being surprised is way more fun 🙂 . Now is the perfect time to subscribe so you’ll be the first to know!


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