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The best ways to prepare for your new baby!

When I ‘spilled the beans’ and told my girlfriends I was pregnant and due in April, they all assumed I had everything figured out. I heard lots of “oh I bet you’re so organized with everything”, “I’m sure you’ve already heard about x, y or z”, or “you’ve probably already done x a while ago”. Well, NO for the record I haven’t done any of those things yet and my head was officially spinning! Since this is my first pregnancy I had (read: STILL have) no clue what I’m doing or what I should be doing.

I decided early on that I wanted to make the most of my pregnancy time and get as much done as possible. And I’m not just talking about baby stuff. This includes non baby related projects that I want to get done around the house (arrr …. getting blinds for the home we’ve lived in for over 2 years). You know those projects that unfinished drive you crazy, but you just haven’t carved out time to complete yet. While I know I keep busy NOW, but I had NO idea what life was going to be like come April with a new baby boy joining the family. So no time like the present (or the next 9 months)…..

The best ways to prepare for your new baby!

How I Prepared for Our Baby!

Baby List

The very first thing I did was create a master list of everything that needed to be done before the baby arrives. Since I wasn’t really sure WHAT needed to be done, I spent the first month asking my friends lots of questions, reading books, and … well Googling. I complied over 100 things that needed to be accomplished before April. I know I know. That sounds CRAZY. While over 100 things to do does sound a bit nutty, I made the list extremely granular to help me take action on it.

For example, instead of just listing ‘baby announcements’ as a to-do item, I broke it down further – 1) make a list of everyone we want to send baby announcements to, 2) get addresses of everyone, 3) find a announcement design that I like. While breaking down an action item into smaller items adds a lot more to-dos, it also makes it much more ACTIONABLE.

If you need some help coming up with your list, check out my Top 10 Unique Things to Do Before You’re Due to get the ideas flowing.

The best ways to prepare for your new baby!

Home Projects

I spent a good two hours walking through each inch of our townhouse one weekend writing down every project I would like to get done (if time were no object). In a way it was kind of a ‘dream list’. Once completed, I reduced down the list to the realistic projects that were important to complete. This ended up being about half the items on the list to get done before the baby arrived.


Now that the to-do lists were complete (or work in progress) I moved everything over to my calendar. I’m a pen and paper gal, especially when it comes to huge projects (did I just call having a baby that?? Well, you know what I mean, right?!). Incorporating my baby tasks in to my AT-A-GLANCE calendars made perfect sense. I simply denoting baby oriented events and tasks in a blue pen.

I took my baby list & home projects list and designated a specific month that I will commit to accomplishing each task. This alone made me feel SO much less stressed. Huge to-do lists are great and all, but then you’ve got to get the work done. Keep in mind that in the 3rd trimester you may be less mobile AND you have no control over your due date! My goal is to have everything accomplished 1 month prior to my due date. This leaves me a little wiggle room for last minute odds & ends in case the baby arrives early.

Here’s how I organize my calendars ….

The best ways to prepare for your new baby!

Weekly calendar

  • Tracking how far along I am by weeks
  • Details on doctors appointments, baby showers, & baby classes
  • Find available slots of time to complete items on my master to do list (making a calendar appointment helps me get the work done!)
  • List of questions to ask my doctor in the Notes section for the week of the appointment

Monthly calendar

  • Vacations
  • Doctor appointments & classes
  • Tracking how far along I am by weeks
  • Due date!
  • Family & friends visiting


In the back of my planner, I keep a list of baby product suggestions I receive from friends. Until a friend mentioned to me, I never heard of Boppy, FridaBaby, or Bumbo before!

The best ways to prepare for your new baby!

The best ways to prepare for your new baby!

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The best way to prepare for your first baby!




12 Days of Christmas Ideas

‘Creative Christmas Decoration Storage’

It’s day three of the 12 Days of Christmas Ideas Series and since I’m a sucker for great organizing solutions, I’m sharing the 12 Most Creative Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas on the web! There’s now NO excuse not to put away your Christmas decorations at the end of the season 🙂 . 

1 Christmas Lights

The BEST way to store and organize your Christmas lights!{source}

2 Fragile Glass Ornaments

12 Smart Ways to Store Your Christmas Decorations{source}


3 Christmas Tree

12 Smart Ways to Store Your Christmas Decorations{source}


4 Labels

12 Smart Ways to Store Your Christmas Decorations{source}


5 Garland

12 Smart Ways to Store Your Christmas Decorations{source}


6 Christmas Cards

12 Smart Ways to Store Your Christmas Decorations{source}


7 Wreaths

12 Smart Ways to Store Your Christmas Decorations{source}


8 Wrapping Paper

12 Smart Ways to Store Your Christmas Decorations{source}


9 Cardboard Dividers for Ornaments

12 Smart Ways to Store Your Christmas Decorations{source}


10 Gift Wrap Station



11 Egg Cartons for Ornaments

12 Smart Ways to Store Your Christmas Decorations{source}


12 Clear Containers

12 Smart Ways to Store Your Christmas Decorations{source}


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Every day December 1 – 12th we will be sharing a new collection of Christmas ideas rounded up from the best blogs around the web. That’s a total of 144 awesome Christmas ideas to make your holiday season easier and more fun! Some of our topics include Decor, DIY, Organization, Food, Games and so much more. We don’t want to spoil the fun by telling you too much. Being surprised is way more fun 🙂 . Now is the perfect time to subscribe so you’ll be the first to know!


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The best tip to quickly keep your bathroom drawers organized with one little solution. It works so well, I use it throughout my house!

This summer I added some fun drawer liners in to pretty much EVERY drawer in our home. When you find something that works, why stop with one, right? Although I love opening all my drawers (bathrooms, kitchen, dresser, nightstand) to see colored drawer liners and plastic organizers, it drove me crazy when those organizers shifted around inside the drawer. Fortunately the fix was pretty quick and easy.


Clear Damage Free Command Strips OR White Damage Free Command Strips | Drawer Organizers 

While some of my drawers, such as our silverware drawer, have larger sized organizers that cover the entire space of the drawer (and therefore don’t move around much), most of ours do not.

I considered attaching velcro to the bottom of the organizers. While velcro would definitely work (and I LOVE using velcro to fix problems), my new organizers are clear causing the velcro would show through and be very obvious. So instead I placed a couple clear damage free Command Strips to the corner of each organizer. I strongly recommend the damage free ones in case you want to move around your organizers at a later time. (I always seem to change my mind 🙂 )

Once the strips are applied to the organizers, press them down in the desired location within the drawer for at least 30 seconds.

The best tip to quickly keep your bathroom drawers organized with one little solution. It works so well, I use it throughout my house!

The best tip to quickly keep your bathroom drawers organized with one little solution. It works so well, I use it throughout my house!

The best tip to quickly keep your bathroom drawers organized with one little solution. It works so well, I use it throughout my house!

While the results likely weren’t super obvious to others, it made me so happy to see my drawer organizers staying exactly where I put them!


Make these fun DIY wine tag organizers to keep your wine stash organized. You'll now be able to quickly find the wine you're looking for!

I was so excited when Joe came to me asking organizing advice. Then I found out what he needed help with. Wine. Yes, I love to drink wine, but I have NO idea how to organize it. By year, type, vineyard, color?? As the wine connoisseur in our family (not that there was much competition), fortunately Joe figured out how to sort the wine in the wine racks. But then he came asking for wine tags, essentially labels for each wine bottle. THAT I can do. I was born to make labels. And these are pretty easy. Here’s how:



Print out the Printable Label sheet and using either scissors or your paper cutter, cut out each wine tag. Then cut out the circle in the middle with either scissors or a 1 1/2 inch hole punch.

Make these fun DIY wine tag organizers to keep your wine stash organized. You'll now be able to quickly find the wine you're looking for!

Once your tags are made (easy right?), you’ll need to label them. There’s the Lindsay Method and the Joe method.

Lindsay’s Method:

Top of tag = price

Bottom of tag = type of wine

Pen color = type of wine (red for reds, orange and yellows for whites, pinks for rose, silver for champagnes)

Make these fun DIY wine tag organizers to keep your wine stash organized. You'll now be able to quickly find the wine you're looking for!

Make these fun DIY wine tag organizers to keep your wine stash organized. You'll now be able to quickly find the wine you're looking for!

Joe’s Method:

Alright, for those of you with a little bit more sophisticated in your wine collection skills, here’s Joe’s version of labeling:

Top of tag = year (This could either be the year it was made OR the year you want to drink it. Just decide which method you’ll use and stay consistent with all bottles)

Bottom of tag = Vineyard & Type

Pen color = Any 🙂

Make these fun DIY wine tag organizers to keep your wine stash organized. You'll now be able to quickly find the wine you're looking for!

Are you a Lindsay style or Joe style wine labeler?





DIY triangular kitchen drawer divider step by step guide solves all my kitchen storage problems!

I’m excited to share a fun little project that had been on my mind for a while … especially since I un-optimistically expected a 50-50 chance that this would go as planned. Well it did (thank goodness!) and has made me so happy every time I open the drawer. Let me explain …. we’ve got a couple grilling supplies that are so long they need to be placed diagonally in our kitchen drawer. That’s totally fine, but it was ruining my ability to put in any drawer dividers or containers into the drawer, thus the mess below. And I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve never owned a house where the kitchen had TOO many drawers or cabinets. Kitchen space is always precious.

DIY triangular kitchen drawer divider step by step guide solves all my kitchen storage problems!

After searching (and SEARCHING), I gave up looking for triangular drawer dividers to separate the diagonally placed grilling tools from the ‘junk’ that was accumulating in the drawer (aka the 3 soy sauces, two identical scissors, random rubber bands and post-its). I couldn’t find ANYTHING on the market that would work … literally NOTHING. So I decided I would try to DIY a solution. The only limitation I gave myself was that nothing was to be glued onto the drawer. Given the fact that I wasn’t sure if this solution would work, I didn’t want to risk ruining the drawer.

DIY triangular kitchen drawer divider step by step guide solves all my kitchen storage problems!

Supplies Needed for Triangular Kitchen drawer dividers 

DIY triangular kitchen drawer divider step by step guide solves all my kitchen storage problems!


The first step is to measure your drawer to determine your divider measurements. My drawer measured 16” w x 17” l x 3 1/4” h. I took everything out of my drawer minus the grilling tools to see how much diagonal space they took up. Then I was able to allocate space & determine the ideal size for the two dividers. Each divider will have three pieces: two small side pieces & one long diagonal piece. I recommend making your divider pieces a tiny bit shorter than your drawer height. (my drawer was 3 1/4” high so I cut my dividers to 3” high.)

DIY triangular kitchen drawer divider step by step guide solves all my kitchen storage problems!

Now once you’ve got your measurements, it’s time to cut your acrylic plastic. I was super nervous to do this, hoping (and praying) I didn’t mess it up. Well, it was pretty darn easy. I made tiny circles with a black marker to denote the measurements of each piece. Make sure to mark the side of the acrylic paper with the label (you’ll peal it off after you cut). I do believe the ease in cutting had a lot to do with purchasing the right plastic ‘thickness’. I chose .05 inch thickness because I wanted it to be thick enough so it wasn’t flimsy, but thin enough that it was relatively easy to cut. The .05 inch worked for me.

I used my ruler to help guide me to a straight line as I cut the acrylic. I put pressure on the ruler with one hand while the other hand cut the acrylic.

DIY triangular kitchen drawer divider step by step guide solves all my kitchen storage problems!

Once you’ve got your piece cut, remove the sticky liner and lightly sand the cut edge. Now don’t worry if your cut edge isn’t perfect (mine wasn’t). When gluing the drawer dividers together (detailed instructions later in this post), the cut edge will face the bottom of the drawer so no one ever know that I didn’t cut the plastic perfectly.

DIY triangular kitchen drawer divider step by step guide solves all my kitchen storage problems!

Spray painting is definitely optional, but I love the touch of color in my drawers. I only sprayed ONE side of the dividers. Since the acrylic plastic was clear, the color showed through both sides. When gluing the sides together (again, more details on that step below), the spray painted side was the outer side of my divider containers (aka- the sides that touch the drawer not the items inside the divider). This way the paint wouldn’t be in jeopardy of chipping at all.

DIY triangular kitchen drawer divider step by step guide solves all my kitchen storage problems!

Using superglue, I glued the perpendicular edge together first (using the two smaller pieces). Then I glued the large piece diagonally connecting the two smaller pieces. A strong cutting board was a great tool to lean the pieces against while holding dry. Take your time with the gluing and don’t rush it. Let the divider sit until it’s totally dry.


  • The cut edge should face the bottom
  • The spray painted side should face the outside of the divider

DIY triangular kitchen drawer divider step by step guide solves all my kitchen storage problems!

Once the glue is dry you’re ready to put these in your drawers! I was a little nervous that these would move around within the drawer since I didn’t glue them on to the drawer directly. Nope, not at all. Such a pleasant surprise!

DIY triangular kitchen drawer divider step by step guide solves all my kitchen storage problems!

DIY triangular kitchen drawer divider step by step guide solves all my kitchen storage problems!

To add an extra touch of decoration to this functional project, I added some 5 minute DIY drawer liners underneath.

DIY triangular kitchen drawer divider step by step guide solves all my kitchen storage problems!

Did you notice I got rid of all the extra soy sauce?? 🙂





Due to popular demand I’m sharing all our favorite organizing solutions with you!

It seems like there’s SO many products to purchase everywhere we look. We’re constantly bombarded with the option to BUY. How do we really know what’s the best product out there?  Too many times I’ve bought something assuming it would make my life easier only to discover the opposite to happen. Ugh. #OrganizingFail.

So I rounded up the best solutions I’ve found over the years. These are the solutions that I’m using on a DAILY basis so I trust and love them.

Being as frugal as I am, none of these will break the bank!

Here’s WHAT we use and HOW we use it

(Click on any photo for more information)


I’m a huge fan of Rume reusable bags. They’re really high quality and last such a long time. I recently discovered that in addition to grocery and lunch bags, they also have a pretty wide collection of accessory bags. Since I’m not one of those people who uses the same purse day each and every day, I use the All Zippered Organizer to hold all my purse essentials. This makes swapping purses SO easy. In the smallest pouch goes my sunglasses. The middle pouch gets credit cards and cash. The top pouch (largest) holds my toiletries.


Even though I keep all my spice jars in a drawer completely out of sight, I still want them to be organized. Maybe no one else would know that they’re a mess, but I would know. The Container Store has the perfect sized jars for spices. Not only do they look great, it’s super easy to put labels on the lids. This makes grabbing the right jar SO much quicker! I wrote a whole tutorial about my spice jar organization process last year and they’re still holding up perfectly.


Since we don’t have a linen closet in our townhouse, I’m always trying to be thoughtful of how we store extra towels, sheets and blankets. I’ve been using these clear storage bags from the Container Store for years. The height is perfect to slip under the bed and since they’re clear, its super easy to see exactly what’s inside. I use the small two pack ones for extra sheets, while saving the larger ones for extra towels and blankets. I’ve been really happy with how well these have held up over the years!


I can’t even count the times that washi tape is come in handy when organizing. I would have never thought 🙂 . It’s an easy & affordable way to label with a touch of color. One of my favorite parts is that washi tape is completely removable without any skicky trace.

From labeling wine glasses for a party to organizing extra extension cords, these decorative tape rolls come in handy oh so often.


If you’re going to invest in a label maker, and I strongly recommend you do, THIS is the one to get. Hands down this has been the BEST investment that I’ve made. I say ‘investment’ because it’s not cheap. But here’s why I decided to take the plunge and buy it: I NEVER have to print my labels from my computer. Yep, read that line one more time. I hate hate hate hate having to run back and forth from my computer/printer to the room/item I’m organizing in order to make a label. With this label maker, you can completely remove your computer from the equation.

Keep all your family's medical bills organized with this easy to make portable medical binder. Even fits in your purse to take with to doctors appointments!

Oh and it’s CORDLESS. I repeat, CORDLESS. There’s an iphone app that you corresponds with the label maker. I create the label on the app, then hit “print” and the label is created in the label maker.  I’ve stopped counting how many blogging projects I’ve done using this label maker, but my FAVORITES were: our greeting card organizer, portable medical binders, and battery storage solution.


Organizing a fridge always seems like a great idea at the beginning, only to find that after a week my fridge is often back to disarray. I’ve learned to be really careful about the storage solutions I use for my fridge. Clear containers seem to work best for easy navigation. These clear ones are super versatile, which was key for me. We don’t always have the exact same groceries in our fridge week after week. Besides the egg storage, pretty much anything in the fridge can be stored inside these clear containers!

Take a look at these tools in action at my full fridge cleaning and organization tutorial.


Speaking of the fridge, anyone else HATE cleaning theirs? It’s probably my least favorite chore. That’s why I started using these Fridge Coasters earlier this year. Incredibly easy to fit into any size fridge, these liners absorb spills that would usually stain the glass of your fridge. This equals much fewer cleanings! There’s lots of fun colors and patterns to choose from to add a little decoration to an otherwise pretty boring space in the house.

It’s also one of my 5 solutions to easily clean your kitchen!


Yes, I love a fancy storage solution just as much as the next person. But sometimes you JUST need a bag. Am I right? I’m surprised at how often I opt for a strong clear ziploc bag as storage as opposed to something more elaborate (and expensive). Where it’s storing extra nails & tools or greeting cards, a clear baggie can be a life saver. Just remember to opt for higher quality ones. I don’t often say this, but the pricier ones are worth the price as far as clear bags go! I’ve found freezer bags to the absolute strongest.


Clear contact paper may not be a typical item that most will think of when organizing, but it’s definitely on my top 10 list. So often it comes in handy to create DIY labels (a protective layer over a paper label) or a 5 minute drawer liner hack.  While I LOVE pretty colorful contact paper, I’ve often had trouble finding the the extact style that I want. Placing clear contact paper over your favorite wrapping paper solves the problem instantly!

Think contact paper is too tricky to work with? Take a look at my step by step tutorial on the best tips to use contact paper.


Have you heard the the saying ‘Measure twice, cut once’? You’ll appreciate it if you’ve ever purchased something that didn’t fit in the space you intended. That’s why item number 10 is a well made measuring tape. Hear me out. Any time I work on a larger organizing project (reorganizing my closet for example), I ALWAYS make sure to have a tape measure on hand. When I’m looking for storage containers, I always make sure to measure the space first before I go on my hunt for the perfect item. The disappointment that comes over me when I find that perfect organizing solution only to find that it doesn’t fit the space is 1) probably ridiculous & slightly unnecessary, but 2) so frustrating. Measure once, cut twice.

really great ideas for good organizing supplies that I would have never thought of, especially #4





Each month I’m taking on a common organization challenge and tackling it with a thrift store item. I’m here to prove that organizing doesn’t always have to be expensive. All it takes is a little patience, DIYing and a great thrift store find! This month we’re tackling all electronic hair products with

 ||| Hair Dryer Storage |||

As a lover of affordable solutions of ANY kind, I’ve paired up with 19 extremely talented bloggers to bring you our monthly Thrift Store Upcycle Challenge. Each month we will create something amazing from an item(s) we’ve found at a thrift store, yard sale, resale shop etc. (Scroll to the bottom to see my fellow bloggers’ projects!)

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Last week we talked about the bathroom A LOT. In fact that’s ALL we talked about on the blog … cleaning, organizing & scrubbing. With good reason. Bathrooms are easy to overlook when organizing is concerned. Most of us don’t want to downsize the number of items we have in our bathrooms and there’s only so many containers one person can have under their sink. Right?!

The items that take up SO much room in my bathroom are my hair dryer, curling iron and straightener as well as their cords! (I have HUGE hatred of cords taking up a lot of room apparently.) I’ve been in search for the perfect basket to place these in for a while now. Nothing seemed to work. Regular bins didn’t do the trick and the newest organizing products made for hair dryers seemed to take up too much room in my cabinets.

Then a light bulb went off when I was at Goodwill last week staring right at these tall narrow clear vases. THESE were going to be my storage solution, with a little DIY.

Hair Dyer, Curling Iron & Straightener Storage

Materials Needed

  • Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Gloss Spray Paint: this is the ONLY pray paint I use. It’s a favorite amongst DIY bloggers. For this project I used these pink, teal and dark blue colors.
  • Superglue
  • Glass containers: These were my thrift store finds. I bought two taller ones (for a curling iron & straightener) and one shorter one (for my hair dryer).
  • Plastic bags
  • Painters Tape: Always get the good painters tape. I’ve found that the cheap stuff just doesn’t work as well and can completely ruin your project! I typically use Scotch brand, but Frog is another good option.


The VERY first thing that I do when starting a new DIY is to wash off the items that I’m working on. Especially since we’re spray painting it! The next step is to use your painters tape to designate the area that you want to add some color to. Make sure there’s no air bubbles by pressing your thumbs around the tape after you applied it to smooth out any bumps. I like the idea of adding color to the BOTTOM of the class containers as opposed to the top. With day to day use even the best spray paint will eventually chip. So keeping the spray paint at the bottom will of the containers will ensure that the color stays put.

Then place the plastic bags over the top of the containers adhering them with more painters tape. This is to ensure that our spray paint ONLY gets on the bottom of the containers and no where else.

Now we’re ready to spray paint. I always use cardboard boxes on top of garbage bags to do the spray painting. This ensures that the spray paint doesn’t make a mess. I used three light coats of spray paint to get the right color. Make sure you wait AT LEAST 30 minutes in between each coat. If you’re new to spray painting, make sure to check out my top 10 tips for a successful spray painted DIY.

Once the containers are dry, remove the painters tape SLOWLY and the plastic bags. Next we’re going to glue the containers together. This step is optional, but personally I really like it. Having the three containers glued together makes all of them more sturdy and easier to use when you’re taking out and putting away your hair products from your cabinet.

After adding a strip of super glue to a glass container, I lined them up next to my cutting board before pressing onto the other container. The cutting board helped make sure the containers stay in an even row.  You don’t have to use a cutting board … really anything straight & heavy. A wall would actually work as well! I held the jars together with both hands for a couple minutes to ensure the glue dried.

The hair dryer fits best in the shortest container. I put the straightener and curling iron in the two taller ones.

This is the perfect solution to ensure my hair products stay organized and take up as little room as possible!

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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #DesignedMega #CollectiveBias

When we moved in to our new townhouse two years ago, I was on the mission to make this the worlds most organized & efficient moving process. There were post-it notes on the kitchen cabinets labeling what’s inside. Floor plans were drawn to scale on my computer to ensure all our furniture fit perfectly. And I even printed out custom labels for all our boxes denoting not only which room the box should go, but which floor.

Yet we never took time to organize our master  bathroom so it stayed a DISASTER for the last two years. I’m not sure if it was the fact that the master bath isn’t the most exciting place to organize. Or maybe it was that I couldn’t organize rouge without setting aside time for Joe and I to figure out how WE wanted the master bathroom laid out. Now that summer is ending and school is starting back up, it seemed like the perfect time to start tackling these organizational challenges that we’ve been putting off for … well.. two years.

If you’re nodding your head right now, make sure you read down to the bottom of this post for a $100 Target giveaway to style & organize your bathroom!

How we organized our master bathroom:

The very first thing we did was pull out EVERYTHING under our sink from the cabinets and drawers. Yes, this mess below was all pulled out and spread across our bedroom floor. I then washed off each of the items. Some were dusty and others were just plain disgusting. Question: why do mouthwash containers get so dirty? Odd right?

I wiped down all the cabinets of crumbs and spills. I decided that we needed a pop of color in our bathroom, so I used colorful drawer liners. These are actually are really easy DIY project that only takes 5 minutes to complete! Find some fun wrapping paper (I scored these at Target) and add contact paper and you’ve got a custom drawer liner! Check out our full DIY drawer liner tutorial.

I had originally used a thick clear drawer liner in the cabinets before we started this project so I figured I’d continue. Simply placing the original clear liners on top of my new ones make it a little more durable.

Now back to our pile of STUFF ….We also double checked that all these items were still being used. Was there anything that we were just throwing in our cabinets that we really didn’t use? Almost empty containers that we could combine? For some reason we had 4 … yes FOUR half used bottles of mouthwash. If that didn’t justify this organizing project, I don’t know what would!

Then we separated our items in to 4 categories:

  • Products we both use (toothpaste, mouthwash)
  • My products
  • Joe’s products
  • Necessities (toilet paper, towels, waste basket)

Next we evaluated our ‘real-estate’. Are there better drawers than others? Are there areas that only certain supplies will fit? Focus on those spots first and come to an agreement of what will go where. We have two sinks in our bathroom and storage under both of them, so we had to decide how to distribute the space.

Under Joe’s sink went the towels and taller containers.

Under my sink went the toilet paper and waste bin.

I found this adorable gray wire storage bin at Target that was perfect for our toilet paper. It even fit the Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® (Mega Rolls) that we put inside. If you haven’t heard of mega rolls you’re totally missing out. Each toilet paper roll has 4x more sheets that a regular roll and just as comfortable. THAT means you can change the toilet paper roll 4x less often. Score!

Target has a huge selection of these AND running a discount through 8/20. Who doesn’t love saving money? Just make sure to add this Target Cartwheel offer to save on your next purchase of Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong Mega Rolls.

The next area we tackled were the taller products that would go under Joe’s sink. These fun clear containers were a perfect size for under the sink. They also were wide enough to fit large lotion bottles, mouthwash and hair spray. Another Target find! We used three of them, one for joint items, one for Joe’s items and one for mine. I really liked the look of having specific LABELED containers to put these taller toiletries in.

Under my sink went a couple of these teal bathroom baskets. These are a quick way to store pouches full of beauty supplies. I store makeup in one, nail polish in another. I’m a HUGE fan of pouches, even in my purse!

Now we’re on to tackle the drawers. Our bathroom has three drawers in between the two sinks. I conceded and gave Joe the top drawer. Everyone always wants the top drawer, right? We’re a heavy cotton ball & q-tip using family, so these wide glass containers were large enough to store a good supply in. All I needed to do was put a label on the top, so we’d know which is which. Fortunately, I’ve never seen a product that I couldn’t label.

We used lightly tinted teal acrylic containers for the three drawers. I loved that there was a hint of color to them that matched the wrapping paper. I grabbed various sizes from Target to accommodate longer items (such as toothpaste) and smaller ones (such as toothbrush attachments). You definitely want a variety of sizes for drawer organization.

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Finally, UNDER our sink is as organized as above!