Due to popular demand I’m sharing all our favorite organizing solutions with you!

It seems like there’s SO many products to purchase everywhere we look. We’re constantly bombarded with the option to BUY. How do we really know what’s the best product out there?  Too many times I’ve bought something assuming it would make my life easier only to discover the opposite to happen. Ugh. #OrganizingFail.

So I rounded up the best solutions I’ve found over the years. These are the solutions that I’m using on a DAILY basis so I trust and love them.

Being as frugal as I am, none of these will break the bank!

Here’s WHAT we use and HOW we use it

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I’m a huge fan of Rume reusable bags. They’re really high quality and last such a long time. I recently discovered that in addition to grocery and lunch bags, they also have a pretty wide collection of accessory bags. Since I’m not one of those people who uses the same purse day each and every day, I use the All Zippered Organizer to hold all my purse essentials. This makes swapping purses SO easy. In the smallest pouch goes my sunglasses. The middle pouch gets credit cards and cash. The top pouch (largest) holds my toiletries.


Even though I keep all my spice jars in a drawer completely out of sight, I still want them to be organized. Maybe no one else would know that they’re a mess, but I would know. The Container Store has the perfect sized jars for spices. Not only do they look great, it’s super easy to put labels on the lids. This makes grabbing the right jar SO much quicker! I wrote a whole tutorial about my spice jar organization process last year and they’re still holding up perfectly.


Since we don’t have a linen closet in our townhouse, I’m always trying to be thoughtful of how we store extra towels, sheets and blankets. I’ve been using these clear storage bags from the Container Store for years. The height is perfect to slip under the bed and since they’re clear, its super easy to see exactly what’s inside. I use the small two pack ones for extra sheets, while saving the larger ones for extra towels and blankets. I’ve been really happy with how well these have held up over the years!


I can’t even count the times that washi tape is come in handy when organizing. I would have never thought 🙂 . It’s an easy & affordable way to label with a touch of color. One of my favorite parts is that washi tape is completely removable without any skicky trace.

From labeling wine glasses for a party to organizing extra extension cords, these decorative tape rolls come in handy oh so often.


If you’re going to invest in a label maker, and I strongly recommend you do, THIS is the one to get. Hands down this has been the BEST investment that I’ve made. I say ‘investment’ because it’s not cheap. But here’s why I decided to take the plunge and buy it: I NEVER have to print my labels from my computer. Yep, read that line one more time. I hate hate hate hate having to run back and forth from my computer/printer to the room/item I’m organizing in order to make a label. With this label maker, you can completely remove your computer from the equation.

Keep all your family's medical bills organized with this easy to make portable medical binder. Even fits in your purse to take with to doctors appointments!

Oh and it’s CORDLESS. I repeat, CORDLESS. There’s an iphone app that you corresponds with the label maker. I create the label on the app, then hit “print” and the label is created in the label maker.  I’ve stopped counting how many blogging projects I’ve done using this label maker, but my FAVORITES were: our greeting card organizer, portable medical binders, and battery storage solution.


Organizing a fridge always seems like a great idea at the beginning, only to find that after a week my fridge is often back to disarray. I’ve learned to be really careful about the storage solutions I use for my fridge. Clear containers seem to work best for easy navigation. These clear ones are super versatile, which was key for me. We don’t always have the exact same groceries in our fridge week after week. Besides the egg storage, pretty much anything in the fridge can be stored inside these clear containers!

Take a look at these tools in action at my full fridge cleaning and organization tutorial.


Speaking of the fridge, anyone else HATE cleaning theirs? It’s probably my least favorite chore. That’s why I started using these Fridge Coasters earlier this year. Incredibly easy to fit into any size fridge, these liners absorb spills that would usually stain the glass of your fridge. This equals much fewer cleanings! There’s lots of fun colors and patterns to choose from to add a little decoration to an otherwise pretty boring space in the house.

It’s also one of my 5 solutions to easily clean your kitchen!


Yes, I love a fancy storage solution just as much as the next person. But sometimes you JUST need a bag. Am I right? I’m surprised at how often I opt for a strong clear ziploc bag as storage as opposed to something more elaborate (and expensive). Where it’s storing extra nails & tools or greeting cards, a clear baggie can be a life saver. Just remember to opt for higher quality ones. I don’t often say this, but the pricier ones are worth the price as far as clear bags go! I’ve found freezer bags to the absolute strongest.


Clear contact paper may not be a typical item that most will think of when organizing, but it’s definitely on my top 10 list. So often it comes in handy to create DIY labels (a protective layer over a paper label) or a 5 minute drawer liner hack.  While I LOVE pretty colorful contact paper, I’ve often had trouble finding the the extact style that I want. Placing clear contact paper over your favorite wrapping paper solves the problem instantly!

Think contact paper is too tricky to work with? Take a look at my step by step tutorial on the best tips to use contact paper.


Have you heard the the saying ‘Measure twice, cut once’? You’ll appreciate it if you’ve ever purchased something that didn’t fit in the space you intended. That’s why item number 10 is a well made measuring tape. Hear me out. Any time I work on a larger organizing project (reorganizing my closet for example), I ALWAYS make sure to have a tape measure on hand. When I’m looking for storage containers, I always make sure to measure the space first before I go on my hunt for the perfect item. The disappointment that comes over me when I find that perfect organizing solution only to find that it doesn’t fit the space is 1) probably ridiculous & slightly unnecessary, but 2) so frustrating. Measure once, cut twice.

really great ideas for good organizing supplies that I would have never thought of, especially #4





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We all know that person. That person who’s house is completely clean, every item in the house has a home, every dish is washed, every pillow is fluffed. We tell ourselves that her home is ONLY that clean because she spent all day cleaning for her  guests. Then we secretly hope there’s at least room in her home that is way too messy to show off.

We can either hate the girl that has the perfectly clean home OR we can be that girl.

Now my home isn’t perfectly clean, often times far from it. (I always have THAT room where the door is always shut because it’s such a mess inside). Yet, overtime I’ve learned tips & tricks to give the biggest bang for my buck as far as cleaning goes. Because let’s be real, who has time (or interest) to spend all day cleaning?

For the busy girl that doesn’t want to spend every last minute cleaning her home, here are the top 10 secrets of busy girls who always have a clean home:

Start and finish laundry in the SAME day. Nothing screams ‘there’s still more cleaning to do’ than laundry sitting out overflowing waiting to be cleaned or cleaned laundry waiting to be folded up and put away. Sometimes I don’t hear my laundry machine go off when a load is done, so I often set my phone alarm to remind me (since I ALWAYS have my phone on me!).

There’s SO many laundry systems out there that you can follow. Regardless of your system, don’t leave laundry unfinished!

2 Do your dishes. Honestly, your kitchen can be spotless with not a crumb in site, but if there’s dirty dishes in the sink your kitchen automatically looks messy. Yes, it’s easy to leave the dishes in the sink thinking you’ll clean them the next day. Deep down you know it’s NEVER easier to clean the dishes the next day. Just clean them NOW!

The new Palmolive® Fusion Clean™ dish liquid is made for tough cleaning challenges. It’s ultra concentrated and can even dissolve 24 hour stuck on food for those days that you just don’t get to the dishes in time! I’m loving this Fusion Clean™ Baking Soda & Lime version … combining baking soda & scents of lime for a Modern Twist on Cleaning, It’s also available in Baking Soda & Grapefruit. Swing on over to your local Kroger store to pick yours up. Keep an eye out for a $0.25 any Palmolive® product coupon coming soon!

3 Keep cleaning supplies handy. It’s hard enough to keep a house clean, don’t make it harder. I keep all purpose cleaner & paper towel under each bathroom sink. Now there’s NO excuse to not wipe down the counter when it looks dirty. Palmolive dish detergent is always right at my sink.

If you have to haul your cleaning supplies throughout the house, you’re much less likely to use them!


4 Speaking of counters .. do the important things each day. Everyone has those things that you need to do each day to make your home look cleaner. Whether it’s putting ‘front door area’ clutter away or wiping off the counters. Make sure to do THAT thing. You know it make a huge amount of difference.

5 If it’s not working, CHANGE IT. Everyone has a different system that works for them. Yes, it’s great to search Pinterest for cleaning inspiration, but no one knows your schedule and lifestyle better than you. What one person says they do every evening, for example, may not work for your schedule. Don’t force a game plan that isn’t working. There’s no shame in changing what doesn’t work!

Invite someone to your home. We all have those times where our home is just a mess for too long. We ignore it or pretend it doesn’t exist. Put the pressure on yourself to get the house clean periodically by inviting friends over. As much as we might deny it, we all like our home to be clean for guests. I even joke with my girlfriends that I’m inviting them over for selfish reasons to motivate me to clean. My motto “whatever works!”

7 Clean as you go. You knew this one was coming. Cooking up a storm one weekend day? Clean up those dishes THAT day! Doing some big art projects at your house? Put away the supplies after you’re finished. Walking in the front door? Hang up your coat in the closet instead of laying it on the couch. Now you don’t have to do huge weekend cleaning sessions for little things that could have been done ALMOST seemlessly during the week. Save your big cleaning sessions for real deep cleaning (like cleaning out your fridge or mopping the floors)

8 Have a ‘junk drawer’. No matter how much we try to put every item in it’s correct place all the time, there’s those days where you just want to shove all your ‘stuff’ away quickly and deal with it later. Whether it’s a junk drawer or decorative baskets, it’s OK to have a place to store stuff that you just don’t want to deal with today! Plus it makes cleaning up for house guests much easier!

9 Set aside time each day. There’s no magic formula that cleans your house without you putting in some work in to it (well, unless you’re hiring someone to clean it for you). So many of us wait until we have huge chunks of time to clean. Yet, you can make some serious cleaning progress even if you have 5 minutes. While I was waiting for Joe to finish his breakfast before we took Reagan to the dog park, I spent a couple minutes tidying up our front closet.

10 Exercise. OK so this last tip doesn’t actually make your house clean, BUT I find that cleaning is the ultimate workout, especially if you put hand and leg weights on while you clean. While its definitely not fashionable, it does give you a great workout! A clean house + enough calories burned to skip the gym? Sounds good to me.