Why You Should Have an Amazon Baby Registry

Gone are the days where new parents to be wander aimlessly around a baby store cluelessly adding items to their registry. With all the technology and information on the web, it’s just not how people register anymore. Even if you go in to a store to register, you’ve probably done lots of online research, asked friends and made lists of what you want before even stepping inside a store.

Over the years, I was surprised to see more and more friends registering on Amazon as opposed to the big box stores. As an Amazon lover myself, it seemed like a no-brainer for our registry, even without all these extra perks.

Why You Should Have an Amazon Baby Registry

1 The Reviews

Registering for baby products should require an advanced degree. You’re venturing in to completely unknown territory. It’s confusing and there’s a zillion options. No one has the database of customer reviews like Amazon does. And those reviews come in extra handy when researching the 20+ different types of swaddles on the market …. All of which to promise to keep your baby sound to sleep 😊.

2 Popularity

Similar to the reviews, Amazon will show you which product is within any sub-category is most popular. Think highchairs, bottles, burp clothes, etc.  Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that the most popular product is right for you, but it is another way to help you make informed decisions on what to register for. Being more minimalist, I thought most baby items seemed unnecessary (seriously, who needs a nose freeda? Apparently I do because I now own two). The popularity feature helped me understand what new parents liked and bought.

3 Free Welcome Box

Once you set up your Amazon baby registry, you’ll receive a free welcome box with some cool stuff inside. I’m often warry of freebies, as sometimes it can just be a bunch of junk. I was pleasantly surprised when my Welcome Box came in the mail – high quality muslin blanket, baby toy, small baby lotion, small pack of wipes, pacifier and teether. All legit items that I actually used.

4 Universal Registry

One of the coolest features that I believe only Amazon has is the ability to add items from OTHER stores in to your Amazon baby registry. Brilliant. I was pretty picky on which diaper bag I wanted and found one I liked on Land of Nod. I was hoping to get it as a gift as opposed to purchasing myself, but I didn’t want to open up a registry at Land of Nod for just one item. Instead I added the Land of Nod  diaper bag to my Amazon registry. While Amazon has a pretty ridiculous inventory of baby products, this feature is really nice for those more specialty type products that are only found at specific stores.

5 Inventory

While #4 is pretty awesome, you likely won’t need to use it too often. Amazon has an absurd inventory. And not just for baby stuff. I registered for a several items for Declan’s nursery that weren’t technically baby products: Decorative pillows to fit his black & white room theme, Laundry baskets used for toy storage, bookshelves that didn’t scream ‘baby room’.

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6 The Gift Givers

Now I know not everyone has an Amazon membership or more specifically a Prime membership. But the odds are MOST of the folks giving you a gift will. I know many of my husband’s friends have never purchased from BuyBuyBaby.com, but every one of them has bought something from Amazon. Plus buying on Amazon is much easier than heading off to a brick & mortar store.

7 On the Go

It’s super easy to add items to your Amazon baby registry straight from your phone. This may sound somewhat frivolous. Yet, I add to my registry via phone pretty often. For example, visiting a friend who offers suggestions of products she’s currently using for her little one: added to my Amazon registry in seconds. Baby stores are slowly improving their apps for baby registries, but nothing compares to the Amazon app. Also, with Amazon, you don’t have to download a separate baby registry app (unlike Target).

8 Thank You List

I’m not sure why all baby registries don’t have this option. Within your Amazon baby registry, you’ll be able to see exactly WHO purchased an item, their home address and WHEN they purchased the item. This is a great way to keep track of gifts and thank you cards, but also makes ensuring you received all your gifts really handy. In the event that you realize you didn’t receive a purchased gift yet, you can simply look to see WHO purchased it and reach out to them directly.

9 Returns

So no matter how hard you try to create the perfect registry, there’s going to be stuff you end up just not wanting. Amazon has a free 90 day return policy for baby registry items. Just as much as I don’t want to have to drive far to PURCHASE baby items, I sure don’t want to drive far to RETURN them either. I’d much rather swing over to the closest post office.

10 Completion Discount

Now most baby registries have completion discounts, but Amazon’s is with noting. You’ll receive 10% off most of the items off your register or 15% off if you’re a member of Amazon Family (which is a really great service, especially for diapers!). Keep this in mind for those bigger ticket items: strollers, baby furniture, etc.


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