A Fun Little DIY Pregnancy Announcement!

Over the next couple weeks, I’m going to step away from all the typical organization posts to share some of the fun pregnancy and baby related things I’ve been learning along the way. On April 24th we welcomed our first, Declan, and it’s been quite the wild ride since! Decorating the nursery, organizing the overwhelming about of baby supplies that we apparently need (ahhh!) and a couple fun DIY pregnancy announcements, like  the one I’m sharing in this post.


Last summer when we found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to come up with a fun way to tell our parents that they were becoming grandparents for the first time. Not an over the top crazy announcement, but a fun little surprise for them. Since our parents live on the other side of the country from us, these small pregnancy anouncment boxes were a perfect ‘mailable’ surprise! And true to my style, of course I wanted to DIY instead of buy.

DIY Pregnancy Announcement Supplies

  • small box (I actually used my engagement ring box!)
  • Two pieces of ribbon, one wider & one skinny
  • White cardstock
  • Tape
  • Super glue or crafting glue
  • Customizable Template


Grab your two pieces of ribbon and measure by placing each around the box. Trim any extra, keeping an additional 1/2 inch loose ribbon.

Next, wrap the wider ribbon around the box, holding tight and secure with a little glue in the back. Repeat this step with the skinny ribbon on top.

I used this template for my note. It’s editable so you can edit with your information.

The box I used (which was actually my engagement ring box) was 2 1/2 inches on each side, so I measured my note to inches wide (just a tiny bit smaller). This might take a little trial and error to seee what size you want the paper to be. The printable note has two sizes, but since it’s editable you can adjust to whatever works for you!

At the top and bottom of the paper, I made a half inch fold where I’ll tape the paper to the box. The top of the note is folded inwards and the bottom folded back (see phonto). I then folded the note accordian style with each fold the same size.

I then added tape to the the small folds on the top and bottom to secure to the lid & box. The top of the note was secured to the back of the lid and the bottom of the note was secured to the front of the box (see photos below).

I then gently folded and closed the lid of the box and mailed it off!









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