How To Make A 72 Hour Emergency Kit For Your Baby

If you’ve got little kids you’ll want to have a 72 hour emergency kit stored in a safe place in your home! 

On Tuesday I posted a tutorial on how I’m preparing for an earthquake. It was one of those projects that was on my list of things to do way too long. You can see the post here. I listed the essentials that I thought anyone would need in their earthquake kit.

Apparently I’m not the only one that has this on my to do list, as the response to the post was overwhelming. Lots of comments, questions and compliments. One of the biggest questions I received is ‘what are you packing for your baby?’

Good question.

In my original post, I listed the supplies that I believe everyone needs regardless of who’s in their family (think: flashlight, bottled water, batteries). But it definitely gets all of us thinking? What about our children, pets and/or elderly loved ones we’re caring for?

In addition to my main earthquake kit (which would really be appropriate for any natural disaster), I also created a kit specifically to the items that we need for Declan, our 5 month old son.

Why and how to create an 72 hour emergency kit for your baby. Whether earthquakes, fire, hurricanes or any other natural disaster, you'll want to be ready!

Changing Diapers 

Wipes // I grabbed a couple smaller packs.

Diapers // I opted to pack a size larger than Declan currently wears. In the unfortunate event that we need to use this emergency kit, I’d rather have a diaper too large (or just started to fit), than too small. I packed 20 diapers, as that’s about how many he goes through in 3 days.

Diaper Rash Cream // Keeping clean may not be as easy, given the situation, but diaper rash creams can provide temporary relief for prevenTing infection.

Trash Bag // For throwing away dirty diapers.


Bandana or Hankie // This may be used for spit up, but can also come in handy as a dust mask if needed.

First Aid Kit // I opted to purchase a full kit and adding a couple of additions including baby pain medicine, sunscreen, and small containers of hand sanitizer, shampoo and lotion.


Formula / Baby Food // Whether your little one is on solids or milk, make sure to have 3 days worth. I recommend pre-made food pouches instead of glass food containers, as those may break. Don’t forget the spoons too!

Bottled Water // If you’re formula feeding, make sure you have enough for 3 days worth of bottles.


Pacifiers/Teething Rings // Just think of how uncomfortable your baby gets at home on a regular day. Make sure you’ve got a couple key items to keep them comfortable during this time.

Toy // I purchased an extra of Declan’s favorite toy.

Blankets // I grabbed a couple lightweight blankets for layering as opposed to thicker ones, but keep in mind the climate of your area.

Extra Clothing // I packed a couple pairs of footed pajamas, onesies and pants that were all one size bigger than Declan is currently wearing. Seattle has pretty temperate weather, but winters can get cold, so I also packed a pair of mittens and a hat. I stored the clothes in a ziplock bag which can be used to keep the dirty clothes.


Baby Carrier // You’ll want something easy to transport your little one in. A carrier is my first choice as it allows for hands free to carry the rest of the supplies.


 It's important to have a 72 hour emergency kit in case a natural disaster occurs!

A Couple Emergency Kit Tips

You’ll notice that I didn’t list any type of crib or sleeper. These are large and I feel that the items listed above are more important. If needed, our son could sleep with us wherever we’re at.

I opted to pack clothing and diapers at least once size bigger than Declan is currently in. Although I plan to update my emergency kits regularly, I’d rather have these items too BIG than too small.

Make sure to check the expiration date on any food / formula that you pack. Ideally pack food with an expiration date as far in the future you can find.

I store Declan’s emergency kit along with my main earthquake kit for easy access.


Anything else you’d include?




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