20 Contemporary Storage Baskets Under $25

My favorite modern decorative storage baskets on the web.

While I’m not a huge fan of tossing clutter in a basket and calling it a day, sometimes that’s what you’ve got to do.  And if you’re going to have baskets around the house, might as well have attractive ones. Am I right? I’m always shocked to see how much these glorified junk drawers can actually cost. Especially when places like Target, Amazon, World Market and Wayfair have great looking storage baskets under $25. With a little online research, you can pretty much find any style you want at an affordable price point. Storage and saving money …. two of my favorite things. Truly.

Since I’ve been on the hunt for a couple new storage baskets for our family room (thank you baby toys), I pulled together the list of my favorites. Many of these are currently in our home already. All are under $25!

The best decorative storage baskets on the web that won't break the bank! At $25 a piece, these are affordable ways to clear clutter around the house!

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Tips for Using Decorative Baskets 

Measure Measure Measure!  Before purchasing any basket, make sure to measure the space the basket is going in. There’s no standard basket sizes so small, medium and large sizes can be deceiving. If you’re buying in the store, bring a measure tape with you. Surprisingly often baskets don’t have the measurements on the tag.

Many baskets can be easily spray painted to any color you like. Keep this in mind when searching for the perfect basket. Focus on style and size as opposed to color.

Laundry baskets don’t have to be just for laundry. Many are super stylish and can be used for a variety of storage needs. If you hate throwing extra bed pillows on the floor at night, toss them in a wicker hamper instead.

Kids’ toys have a funny way of finding the floor oh so easily. Baskets make for a quick and easy pick up. Adding labels to each will help teach the kiddos where their toys belong 🙂 .

To prevent entryway clutter, add a basket to store keys, glasses, mail and other items that commonly pile up by your door. Not only will it prevent clutter, you’ll always know where to look for those important items.

Don’t forget about the space under your bed and couch, which can be instant extra storage space. There’s lots of short but long baskets out there to fit the space perfectly. We opted for these baskets under our couch (2 for toys and one for diaper change supplies).

Bookshelves can easily look overwhelming filled with books. The irony, right? Mix it up a bit and add some wicker baskets in addition to all the books on your shelves.

The top tips to decorating your home with storage baskets!





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