Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

For most of us the kitchen is the most used room in the house. Even if you’re like me and not crazy about cooking … we still have to eat! And that means I find myself in our kitchen A LOT. Very rarely do I hear someone say “I just have too much space in our kitchen.” So for most of us that means being creative with the space that we have and being thoughtful with our approach to organizing our kitchen items.

After searching the web, here’s the 5 best kitchen organization tips I’ve loving right now!

1  Organizing Recipes & Cookbooks

While I’m not a great cook (or even a GOOD cook), I do like to collect easy to make recipes. Anytime I’m flipping through a magazine and see something good, I’ll hold on to it for another time. I love how Sarah not only organized all her recipes with these pretty labels, but has a great way to showcase them on her counter!


2 Effective Command Center

For whatever reason paper and clutter always end up in the kitchen. Always! I’ve tried so many different ways to avoid allowing paper to enter the kitchen, but it seems impossible. Apparently paper BELONGS in the kitchen! That’s why having a command center that works for you and your family is so important. Sarah at Must Have Mom! came up with a gorgeous command center that not only looks awesome in her kitchen, it helps keep her family of 6 organized!


3 A Great Utensil Drawer

I truly believe kitchen drawers show how organized (or not organized) a kitchen is. It’s so easy to cram as much as possible in to a drawer that no one will likely see. Kati at¬†Houseful of Handmade came up with the MOST creative way to organize her kitchen drawers that I’ve ever seen! She’s got an easy to follow tutorial to make this organizing project a breeze.


4 A Fridge Organization System

For some reason messy fridge seems to be synonymous with messy kitchen! Find out how to turn your fridge from the photo below to the clean AND organized fridge we all want.


5 A Perfectly Organized Pantry

Pantries are another place that’s easy to get messy quick. Heidi from Honey Bear Lane has an amazing 10 step organizning process to get your pantry in tip top shape. Plus, just look at how PRETTY hers is!








  1. February 21, 2017 / 11:16 am

    This is really great, I will show it to my mam,, she would love it! haha.

  2. February 23, 2017 / 2:54 pm

    I love these ideas! Especially adding images of the kitchen gadgets…lol. Then there can be no excuses for putting kitchen gadgets away in the wrong place.

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