Working from home may seem easy, but those who do it know that it can be touch. Now, working from home with a toddler: that’s a whole other story! Here's my daily scheduling working from home with a toddler. I follow a specific plan each day to working from home with a baby!

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I’ve been getting a couple questions from readers and friends on how I schedule my day with a little one at home. Some are just interested in what I do all day staying at home. Others are curious how ‘work from home’ really ‘works’ with kids.

Now, let me start off by saying I’m no expert on this. While I like to organize my sock drawer (and pretty much every other drawer in our house), I’ve had to learn through lots of trial and error how to manage my time running a business while taking care of a little one.

So here’s what an average day looks like working from home with a toddler:

6am | I get up. I’m a morning person by nature so this isn’t that hard for me. I pour myself a cup (or two) of coffee and either get some blog work in or miscellaneous items on my to do list that are more difficult to accomplish when Declan is awake. For example, yesterday I booked a flight to see friends in Cleveland. It’s tough for me to do ANYTHING on my laptop when Declan is up as he wants to jump (literally) on it.

7am | Declan gets up & I get really for the day. I utilize the time where Declan sleeps to be on my computer or to photograph projects (it’s wayyyyy too hard to photograph with a very active little baby climbing all over my project). This means daily tasks get done while Declan is awake: brushing my teeth, doing dishes, laundry, etc while Declan is playing near by. I’m hoping that this teaches him independent play, but at minimum it allows me to get some things done around the house without eating in to nap time.

Here's my daily scheduling working from home with a toddler. I follow a specific plan each day to working from home with a baby!

Declan is MUCH better behaved in the morning so that’s when I also try to clean the house and prep what I can for dinner. (Here’s some tips to be extra efficient with cleaning.)

8am | I  go running with Declan and Reagan. I don’t LOVE running like some people do and I’m not very fast (let’s think of it as more of a fast walk), but it’s the most effective way for me to get a workout in while Declan is awake. Plus I’m able to exercise our dog at the same time, so it really makes the most sense. Other mornings I go to the gym which also has drop off daycare. (Here’s how I pack my gym bag.)

Here's my daily scheduling working from home with a toddler. I follow a specific plan each day to working from home with a baby!

Here's my daily scheduling working from home with a toddler. I follow a specific plan each day to working from home with a baby!

9am | Declan takes his first nap and I go STRIAGHT to my computer to do work. I’m very disciplined on getting to work right away. This means no cleaning the dishes, organizing the house, etc when Declan is asleep. The biggest struggle to working from home with a baby is the limited work hours, so making the most out of nap time is KEY.

11am | Lunch for the two of us, then off to play groups, Zoo, swimming, visit with friends, etc. While we do weekly baby classes (swimming, Gymboree, etc), I love heading to the local community centers’ tot play rooms so that Declan can burn some energy!

Here's my daily scheduling working from home with a toddler. I follow a specific plan each day to working from home with a baby!

2pm | Declan takes his second (and final nap) and I go straight to my computer to work! I often do photography during the afternoon as the lighting is better.

Here's my daily scheduling working from home with a toddler. I follow a specific plan each day to working from home with a baby!

3:30pm | Declan wakes up and we play inside for a bit. Like clockwork, he hits his fussy period by 4:30 so we typically head out to a park if it’s nice. I also try to have dinner as prepared as I can by then. I’m a huge huge huge fan of meal prep and lots of organization in making dinner. If it weren’t for this, we’d spend all our money ordering out.

6pm | Joe comes home from work and we all have dinner. Then I let him play with Declan for at least 30 minutes while I go do something else, whether that’s taking a quick shower , doing a little work or a household project.

Here's my daily scheduling working from home with a toddler. I follow a specific plan each day to working from home with a baby!

7:30pm | Declan goes to sleep and we clean up the kitchen from dinner. I like to wake up in the morning with a clean slate! Then Joe & I hang out for the evening.

Then rinse and repeat. Literally.

Here's my daily scheduling working from home with a toddler. I follow a specific plan each day to working from home with a baby!

Here’s a couple things I do to help manage life at home with a 12 month old:

  • I keep Declan moving around the house. We spend probably 15 minutes in a room at a time: whether that’s doing laundry and bringing it to our bedroom to fold & put away. In all honesty I can probably find something to clean or organize in any room of our house. Oh and I also work from my phone. In fact I’m writing this blog post right now from Declan’s room.
  • I let Declan play with items around the house. Kitchen spoons while I’m making dinner, clean clothes while I’m doing laundry, etc. He finds it interesting because it’s new, while giving me enough time to get some chores done.
  • I plan out my days in advance (and even Declan’s meals). I don’t like to be ‘over scheduled’ but a little planning the night before goes a LONG way during the day.

As far as working from home with a toddler, here’s a couple of my best tips:

  • First, it’s not as easy as it looks! Just need to set the record straight on that one.
  • Find a way to ONLY work while your child naps (no cleaning, no well… anything else).
  • Before the nap, you need to know WHAT you’re going to work on so that you can dig in. For example, if I’m planning on photographing while Declan is sleeping, I pull all my supplies out BEFORE he takes a nap. Essentially I only try to do the items that I can’t do while he’s awake.
  • As a blogger, there’s lots I can do on my iphone as opposed to my computer. Personally I’d rather work on my computer, but the reality is that often I need to work via my phone while Declan is awake.
  • Work in batches: I do projects on one day, photography on another, writing, editing, etc on another. This is just a good general practice, but it’s helpful with a child.

Click here to take a look at my daily scheduling working from home with a toddler. I follow a specific plan each day to working from home with a baby!




Here’s my best baby registry tips for all you first time moms who are totally overwhelmed by the number of baby products on the market today! (For the record, I was completely overwhelmed too!)

Make sure to read these baby registry tips before you create your own registry! These smart, savvy and practical tips will help you register for the RIGHT items! Great for first time moms!

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more)!

Creating a baby registry can be overwhelming. Period. You’re trying to decide what products (most of which you’ve likely never heard of before … merlin suit?!) you need to help take care a new person you’ve never even met. It’s also one of a zillion things you’re trying to do before the baby is born. Or just 100 things 🙂 .

Before we had our son, I’d never changed a diaper before. Besides diapers and wipes, I didn’t know what else was needed for a diaper change.

While I had no idea how I was going to take care of our new little one, I was determined to be practical about the purchase we were going to make. Here’s some of the baby registry tips I learned along the way:

1 Rocking Chair: You can spend more on a rocking chair than a used car. While I didn’t go that route, I did research quite a bit. Not all chairs are made the same and some are MUCH more comfortable than others. I was surprised at how few chairs had tall backs. While it’s ideal to test out the chairs in person, reviews are helpful.

I’m so happy we opted for a dark colored chair. Milk spills and baby spit up are an everyday occurrence. I cringe to think of what our chair would look like if it were white or cream. Here’s the rocking chair we purchased. (PS… It has a tall back)

2 Baby clothing: Yes, baby blue, light pink and white make for adorable baby clothes. But guess what’s not so adorable? Light colored clothes that show stains all over. Diaper blowouts are a real thing and stained outfits are no fun. No Declan isn’t dressed in black every day, but I intentionally registered for some darker colored onesies and outfits

3 Same thing goes for bibs. I don’t understand why white cotton bibs even exist. From personal experience, caked on sweet potato puree doesn’t come off. After I learned this, Declan’s bibs got washed maybe once a week. Gross? Yeah maybe. But you probably can’t tell which ones have been washed recently and which haven’t. While it’s inevitable that bibs will get stained, I tried to stick with dark colored ones. Or better yet, these plastic ones.

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Make sure to read these baby registry tips before you create your own registry! These smart, savvy and practical tips will help you register for the RIGHT items! Great for first time moms!

4 Think outside the box – room decorations, bookshelves, etc. If you need it, people will buy it 🙂 .

5 I really wanted our nursery to be complete well before Declan arrived. So on my Amazon registry I marked all the nursery decoration items as ‘priority’ so that friends & family would select those items first. I’m a huge fan of registering at Amazon. I even wrote a whole blog post about why.

6 I wanted a nice diaper bag. Make sure you think about how you’ll use it. Some people like the backpack one. Others want smaller ones, or larger. Some want fancy leather ones. I registered for a this-doesn’t-look-like-a-diaper-bag diaper bag at Land of Nod. It makes me feel like something I have on is put together even when I’m feeling (and looking) like a mess.

7 Just because everyone else is buying it, it doesn’t mean you should. It’s REALLY helpful to understand what products are useful to others. Just know that there’s no ‘every single parent in the entire world must have this product’.

8 Make sure your registry has a variety of price points. Some people don’t like adding really expensive items to their registry, but keep in mind that your friends/family can join together to purchase those bigger items. (Several of my college friends purchased our crib for us).

9 Consider your storage space. Many baby items have a very short lifespan. A bassinet may only last 6 months, a Bumbo seat may end up only being usable for a month. Do you want items that can double dip (pack & play with a bassinet on top) or that fold up compact when not in use (this bouncer)? If you’ve got limited space, don’t worry. More and more products on the market are foldable and/or have multiple uses!

10 I found it was worth spending on items that would make my life easier as opposed to picking out cutest wash cloth and towel set possible.

Make sure to read these baby registry tips before you create your own registry! These smart, savvy and practical tips will help you register for the RIGHT items! Great for first time moms!

11 Ask your friends for their recommendations, but also take it a step further, WATCH them use the product in action. While you may have never given a baby a bath before, watching a friend bath her baby will give you an idea of what products you may need. (Do you want a foldable bath tub? Do you want a special matt for the floor?)

12 Strollers & car seats: I found that most baby items can be evaluated online. But if I was to go into the store to take a look at an item, it would be the stroller and car seat. (This is the travel system we got. It’s great for tall parents!)

13 Return the gifts you don’t want. Ok, this one sounds mean. A friend gave me this idea and it was a game changer. We all get gifts that aren’t on our registry. Sometimes it’s a fun surprise and something you end up really using. Other times, it’s a duplicate item or something that you just don’t need. Most of the big retailers (Target, Buybuy Baby, Walmart) will accept the item without a reciept if they sell it in their store and give you store credit. Each store will have a different policy on their returns, but if you know you’re not going to use the item, it’s worth it!

14 Sizing: I recommend registering for clothing at LEAST 3 months or larger. You’ll receive clothing gifts not on your registry. People love to buy cute baby clothes. And most people won’t get you the larger sizes. Babies grow so quickly in the first couple months that even if you don’t have lots of newborn clothes, they likely won’t need them for long.

15 No matter how much you prepare prior to your baby arriving, you’ll need to purchase items after they baby’s born. I tried so hard to have everything done prior to Declan’s arrival, including buying everything I thought I would need. But there were still items that I purchased afterwards – gadgets that fellow moms swore by, items I claimed I didn’t have room for (hello bulky swing) that I made room for.

16 Right before my baby shower, I made sure that the only items on my registry were the ones that I really needed at the beginning right after Declan was born. Think: first 2 months of sleeping, bathing, feeding, and diaper changing. I knew these were the most important items for us to have. Yes, there were items, such as sippy cups and bath toys, that I knew I wanted. But Declan wouldn’t use until the later months.

I hope these baby registry tips are helpful for you! If I can leave you with one piece of advice (or words of wisdom??), everyone is overwhelmed with the baby registry! It just comes with the territory!

Make sure to read these baby registry tips before you create your own registry! These smart, savvy and practical tips will help you register for the RIGHT items! Great for first time moms!



Bottle-feeding can make life SO much easier with your new little baby! Here's the tips and tricks we learned along the way!

This post was sponsored by Philips Avent as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

When I was pregnant, I had all the questions that a new mom does: diapers, feeding, sleeping, everything. Honestly, I had barely held a baby prior to Declan. Looking back at the first month with Declan, one of the first things we mastered was bottle-feeding

Declan started bottle-feeding at a pretty early age (read: 2 ½ weeks), so we jumped right in to it. After some trial and error, we found little tricks and tips that made a huge difference in making bottle-feeding pretty easy and really efficient.

One of the questions I get from friends is how much work it really is to keep up with the cleaning, organizing and storing of the bottles. Um, hello have we met? While I barely knew how to change a diaper, let’s just say I rocked the bottle.

Joking aside, I spent a little time this past week thinking about what’s made our bottle-feeding process so easy. It really boiled down to these areas:

Bottle-feeding can make life SO much easier with your new little baby! Here's the tips and tricks we learned along the way!

Use high quality bottles

First things, first. Use high quality bottles. Friends told me stories about needing to test out multiple bottles before finding one their kiddos like.

Fortunately, we never experienced that. Maybe because Declan went straight to the bottle so quickly. Maybe, because we bought the right one from the beginning. Who knows? We’ve been using Philips Avent Anti-colic bottle with AirFree vent.

In these bottles, the nipple stays full of milk, not air, during feeding even when bottle is horizontal, so baby can drink from an upright position. While I didn’t totally appreciate this feature when picking out bottles while I was pregnant, I came to be super thankful for it when feeding Declan. It’s designed to help baby swallow less air which means baby is calm and comfortable during and after feedings (basically a win-win for everyone).

Bottle-feeding can make life SO much easier with your new little baby! Here's the tips and tricks we learned along the way!

Own enough bottles for an entire day

As a newborn, Declan was feeding about 8 times a day. You all know I’m more of a ‘less is more’ kind of gal, but I found having enough bottles to feed the kiddo for an entire day without having to clean them was worth it. From the time Declan was born we had 9 Philips Avent bottles. Which leads me to the next tip…

Get efficient with cleaning

One of the first challenges that crossed my mind about bottle-feeding was …. well ALL the bottles that we had to deal with. Our bottles went straight to the dishwasher. You can use a little basket to put the parts in, but we found that allocating one utensil holder got the parts clean.

With the Philips Avent Anti-colic bottle, the AirFree vent is one piece making it really easy to clean. This may not seem like a huge deal, but when cleaning 9 bottles a day, you’ll be happy to have fewer pieces! 

We typically run our dishwasher every day, so cleaning bottles was simply incorporated in to our daily routine.

Bottle-feeding can make life SO much easier with your new little baby! Here's the tips and tricks we learned along the way!

Prep bottles each morning

One of the BEST tips I received from a fellow mom was to make a days’ worth of bottles each morning. Then when it’s feeding time, I simply grabbed a bottle from the fridge. I found this to be SO much easier than mixing formula with a crying baby in hand. It didn’t dawn on me to do this until several of my mom friends mentioned it. #mindblown


Since Declan was bottle-fed, Joe and my parents could also help with feedings (#amazing); but that meant there needed to be coordination of who was feeding when. Fortunately, there are so many apps that make tracking feedings so easy (we used BabyConnect).

Whatever app you choose to use, make sure it allows for multiple people to connect to the same account. That way, everyone (partners, babysitters, grandparents, etc) can enter feedings directly to the app.

Bottle-feeding can make life SO much easier with your new little baby! Here's the tips and tricks we learned along the way!

Diaper bag

Getting out of the house often was pretty important to me, especially since we had Declan in the spring and Seattle weather during that time is pretty amazing (winter on the other hand = rain). Looking back, I never really worried about forgetting a bottle when we left the house, as we always had a well-stocked diaper bag.

I included an extra bottle, formula and a small unopened bottled water. Yet the reality was when a baby is a newborn, you NEVER forget about feeding. No matter how you feed your baby, it’s always on your mind before you leave the house.

Bottle-feeding can make life SO much easier with your new little baby! Here's the tips and tricks we learned along the way!


You all know how I feel about clear counters (#lovethem) so having baby bottles sitting out all over our counters wasn’t going to happen in our house. We dedicated ONE small area of our kitchen counter for bottles.

Read: ONE.

We used a small drying rack that was place on the counter closest to the dishwasher. In my ideal world bottles would be placed in a cabinet out of sight, but realistically it was much easier to have these at arm’s reach on the drying rack (especially during the first few months when Declan was drinking up to 8-9 bottles a day).

 Now that we got in such a rhythm that I’m now dreading transitioning to a sippy cup.

Bottle-feeding can make life SO much easier with your new little baby! Here's the tips and tricks we learned along the way!



With all the excitement of having a baby, I never thought about ALL the laundry I would be doing. Oh, the laundry. Who could imagine someone so little causing so many loads of laundry. My girlfriends told me I’d be doing laundry every day after Declan was born, but I shrugged it off. Not me. I’m organized. I’m efficient. And I’m NOT doing laundry every day.

Well, let me tell you: this organized gal was quite humbled. It took me quite a to figure out how to keep baby clothes clean without doing laundry daily. Before you ask, yes, I likely have lots of baby clothes (thanks to my mom!). Baby clothes are a lot like underwear – the more you have the less often you need to do laundry. But I promise, the quantity of Declan’s clothes has nothing to do with our improved laundry process.

From blankets dragging on the floor, baby food all over their sleeves and the diaper changing pad …. well you know 😊, I’ve learned some tips to being efficient with our family laundry AND keep all the baby clothes clean.

The secrets every mom wants to know: how to keep baby clothes clean without having to do piles of laundry every day. We've got all the tips you need!

My favorite tips to keep baby clothes clean 

Pre-wash all your baby fabrics

Even before the baby gets home, it’s a good idea to wash all of your baby clothes. You never know what kind or dirt or germs might be lurking on clothes just brought home from the store.

Everyone’s laundry together

Tackling the family’s tough laundry loads can be challenging. It’s tempting to wash piece of laundry separately based upon the need: whites, colors, jeans, extra dirty clothes, baby clothes, etc. That’s how we used to do our laundry. Then little Declan arrived and there was no way I had time for that anymore. I was lucky if I was doing ANY laundry.

Instead of sorting and washing our laundry based on the clothing type, I put the majority of our clothing together in the same load with cold water. Hot water can shrink and fade my favorite clothing.

The secrets every mom wants to know: how to keep baby clothes clean without having to do piles of laundry every day. We've got all the tips you need!


Spot clean the little accidents

Baby messes happen. A lot. Whether it’s from food or diaper, it’s a good idea to keep a set of baby wipes within arm’s reach. We have a pack in every room of the house, in our car, AND the diaper bag. Spot clean accidents right away. If you can whisk off the soiled clothing into the washer right away, that’s even better (see below for next tip). If not, the wet wipe helps dilute any offending stain or smell until you can get to the wash.

Wait for a blow out

You know when you come up with a solution and you just think: “wow, I’m actually a genius”?? That’s how I feel about this tip. LIFE CHANGING. Since having Declan, I’ve changed my laundry schedule significantly. Well technically we don’t have a schedule. We wait. We wait for a diaper blowout. Gross, I know. But it’s going to happen once or twice a week.

Whether a diaper blow out or a little too much food on his shirt, that’s when I do laundry. Fortunately (or unfortunately, I’ll let you decide), this scenario happens often enough for the laundry to never pile up that high. I just hated doing laundry for a couple pieces of clothing.

Skip the fabric softener

Fabric softeners only mask odors and aren’t even recommended for use on most athleticwear and towels. Plus, fabric softeners don’t help get those dirty baby clothes clean, while detergent alone doesn’t kill all the bacteria.


The secrets every mom wants to know: how to keep baby clothes clean without having to do piles of laundry every day. We've got all the tips you need!

Clip outfits together

I’ll admit, it takes me a little while to remember which onesie goes with which pants and which jacket. Joe’s love of University of Alabama football prevents us from dressing Declan in the rival team colors of orange and blue baby outfits (which apparently are super popular color combos for boys). So instead we’ve got a lot of greens & blues.

It always takes me a couple minutes to remember which outfits go together. So now, when I put an outfit in the hamper, I connect the outfit together with a fastener (you could use any clip you have in the house) so that I don’t have to remember once the clothes are dry. It makes it easy to hang outfits together once they’re clean & dry.

What are the tips that you use to keep baby clothes clean?!?

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The best tips and tricks every mom needs to know to keep baby clothes clean!




Before I created our baby registry, I researched. I googled. I asked. At times, it felt like I prepared more for our baby registry than I had for the SATs. It was overwhelming. Everything seemed both necessary and unnecessary to this rookie mom to be.

The idea of baby supplies becoming decorations in our home was something I swore would never happen. If I could sum up my thoughts on baby items in a couple quotes it would be less is more, multi-purpose and foldable.

Less is more: babies, especially newborns, grow so quickly which means they not only grow out of their clothes quickly, they also grow out of all the other items you buy for them. My son at 4 months was already sick of being strapped in to a bouncer and preferred scooting around on the floor.

Multi-purpose: More and more baby items nowadays solve for more than one need. Many pack & plays have bassinets on top. Jumpers transition in to toddler tables. Carriers hold baby’s newborn to 1 years old.

Foldable: That bouncer that my son grew out of at 4 months old now needed to be stored in the closet for our next child. I was grinning ear to ear as I folded it up and stored neatly in our closet, barely taking up any space. Same goes for the bathtub we purchased. It easily folds up and fits into the cabinet under the sink in between baths.

Given my baby registry words to live by, there were quite a few items that I chose not to register for. Now what to buy and what not to buy seems to be a contentious topic. What one person wishes they hadn’t bought is another persons saving grace. So take this list with a grain of salt. Ask your friends. Do your research. Just don’t overbuy 🙂 .

Here’s the items I did NOT register for

(OR only registered for very few)

1 Blankets // Yes, a baby needs blankets. But people WILL get you blankets whether you register for them or not. I’m not sure what it is about baby blankets, but people love to buy them! So don’t worry about registering for them. You’ll still get them. Having a large supply of blankets could sound nice in theory, but quickly become unnecessary.

2 Baby Clothes // Now popular opinion is that girls’ clothes are just so much more fun to buy than boys. But regardless of the gender, friends and family will buy you clothes! Especially smaller sizes. So if you do register for clothing, opt for outfits that are at least 3 month size.

3 Sound Machine // Now some babies love these and can only fall asleep listening to the soothing sound a running water. I took a chance that Delcan wouldn’t be one of those kids. But better safe than sorry, I downloaded the app Craddle on both my iphone and ipad. There’s many sound machine type apps, like Craddle, to choose from. I was so glad I went this route. I had a portable sound machine if I was in a jam, but had one less thing to plug in to the nursery.

4 Wipe Warmer // I’ve heard mixed opinions on the wipe warmer. On one side, these can be a lifesaver during middle of the night diaper changes to prevent your little one from noticing their diaper is getting changed. On the other hand, will they expect a warm wipe EVERY time? I didn’t want to ANOTHER thing that I needed to have plugged in, so we skipped this. And I’ve got a kid who LOVES his diaper changed. With a cold wipe.

5 Baby Mittens // These prevent little ones from scratching their faces. I can attest that clipping the nails of a newborn is not only a little scary, but can easily be forgotten (we only attempted it when Declan was napping). These mittens can be pricey and realistically only used for a little while. A cheap substitute? Baby socks! I’ve also heard that covering babies’ hands isn’t great for their development. I’m absolutely no expert in that area, but we skipped these regardless.

6 Diaper Cream Brush // For me, this was another ‘in theory this is brilliant’, but in practice this totally got forgotten. Its purpose is to allow parents to apply diaper rash cream without getting it all over their hands. In reality I forgot to use it every time. Plus, I found it to be quicker to just use my hands and welll…. wipe them on my pants. #welcometoparenthood

7 Wet Dry Bag // So yes, these are probably super handy and yes, maybe I’ll buy one in the future. But for me, there’s so many other things I wanted to buy. So I used a large ziplock bag to store in my diaper bag instead.

8 Lots of Towels // Baby towels are soooo cute, so why wouldn’t you want lots? Between needing to do laundry often and the fact that we only bathed Declan once a week or so for the first couple month, we barely needed the TWO towel that we had.

9 Books // Yes, your child needs books. But similar to blankets, you WILL receive books whether you register for them or not. Now unlike blankets, I don’t believe in the concept of too many books. But you will likely receive lots of books from friends and family.

10 Merlin Suit & Larger Swaddles // Yes, swaddles can be your best friend in getting your little one to sleep at night. But and it’s a big but …. you don’t know when your child will stop using them. Once your kiddo starts rolling over, most swaddles and Merlin Suits can’t be used anymore (I do believe there’s special ones for older kids who roll). I had purchased a supply of 3-6 month swaddles and sure enough, Declan started rolling over at 3 months.

11 Newborn Shoes // Cute? Yes. Practical? Never. Deep down you know I’m right.

12 Diaper Changing Table // Lots of dressers nowaways have a diaper changing attachment that can be placed on them. Those are awesome. But a ‘this is specifically a diaper changing table’ has a VERY specific purpose and can only be used as such. Save some room in the nursery and use a dresser with a changing table on top!

13 Car Seat Canopy // this is another one of those things that looks brilliant. Anything that keeps a baby from waking up is typically top of my list. Joe & I took a safety class prior to Declan’s birth. We got all crazy on safety related topics from everything we learned from the class (mind you, we still had no idea how to change a diaper). Our instructor wasn’t a fan of these or any extra items in the back seat of the car. Plus, it just seemed like a muslin blanket (because remember, you’ll get lots of these!) would do the trick when your little one is in the stroller.

14 Back Seat Car Mirror // I was really surprised to hear our safety class instructor tell us these are a big no no. What?!?! What are you supposed to do if your kid is crying while driving? She then asked me specifically what I was planning on doing when I look through my mirror to see my newborn crying while driving on the highway. Hmmm. Ok good point. In a nutshell, the argument is that these mirrors are a huge distraction for the driver, which in turn is a HUGE safety concern.

15 Newborn Size Diapers // While you may need these, I found it wasn’t worth registering for something that I wasn’t pretty darn sure I was going to use. No one knows exactly what size your baby will be when they’re born or exactly how quickly they’ll grow during their first month.

16 Baby Detergent // The price of baby specific detergent just blows my mind.  Also, during the first couple months, life is crazy. Really crazy. The last thing I wanted to do was sort Declan’s laundry from ours. I was lucky to find time to do ANY laundry. We chose to wash ALL our clothes with perfume and dye free detergent. Problem solved.

17 Bassinet // On many baby lists, this would be considered an essential. But to provide another prospective, hear me out: Bassinets have an extremely short lifespan as babies will outgrow it quickly. Then you’re stuck finding storage space for it until the next baby comes along. Many bassinets aren’t as collapsible as you’d like so storage can be frustrating. Instead we opted to get a pack & play that has a bassinet attachment on top.

18 Infant Chairs // These are super cute and seem like such a reasonable thing to buy. Here’s the problem: there’s a super small window of time where babies actually use these. Now I fully admit, we own one. But I purchased it use from a local moms group for $10. I use it specifically to feed him his once a day couple scoops of pureed veggies for maybe 5 minutes a day. There’s also research that these chairs aren’t great for babies’ hip development. Again, no expert on that. But I wouldn’t buy one full price.

19 Shopping Cart Cover // So yes, grocery carts are probably completely disgusting and germ ridden. So these covers seem like a reasonable solution. The problem is, many of them don’t fit ALL grocery carts. Ugh. A diaper wipe and some blankets will do the job just as good (if not better).

20 Bottle Sterilizers // All the ones I found were big and bulky. Since they’re used often, it’s likely not an item that you’d want to take in and out of storage regularly. Instead, we found that simply boiling a large pot of water was actually quicker than using a bottle sterilizer. Plus as time went on, we sterilized our bottles less and less.

There it is. My ‘favorite’ items to NOT buy. Just remember, everyone is different. Every baby is different. But I do believe it’s worth it to hear from moms what they did NOT use.

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