Getting clean makeup brushes is so much easier than you thought! Here’s my once a month cleaning tutorial that only takes 10 minutes!

Click here to find out my favorite tip to clean makeup brushes: the secret household product to this easy DIY cleaning solutions. Makeup brushes clean in 5 minutes!

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As a self-proclaimed (and often reaffirmed by my husband) clean freak, I always get a good laugh when I notice an item I’ve so obviously neglected.

Enter: makeup brushes.

Now there’s lots of expensive makeup cleaners out there, but with so many DIY options, why not try that first?

Just for kicks, I’ll show you my process to clean makeup brushes. It takes less than 10 minutes. (However, if you have heavy build-up on your brushes, it may take longer to wash until the water runs clear.)

Oh, and these are my FAVORITE makeup brushes. Really affordable and long lasting (which usually isn’t the case).

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Grab all your makeup brushes and lay them out on a clean hand towel.

Put a small pour of baby shampoo in to a small dish.

Wet a brush and start swirling it in the bowl.

Click here to find out my favorite tip to clean makeup brushes: the secret household product to this easy DIY cleaning solutions. Makeup brushes clean in 5 minutes!

Continue wetting and swirling until you have a nice soapy lather.

Then while pointing the tip of the brush downward, rinse in the sink moving the bristles back and forth until all the soap bubbles are gone.

Here's my favorite tip to clean makeup brushes: the secret household product to this easy DIY cleaning solutions. Makeup brushes clean in 5 minutes!

Give a light squeeze to drain the extra water.

Here's my favorite tip to clean makeup brushes: the secret household product to this easy DIY cleaning solutions. Makeup brushes clean in 5 minutes!

Repeat this process for each brush.

Depending on how dirty your brushes are, you may need to clean out your dish of baby shampoo before cleaning the next brush. Note, I had to do this between EACH brush 😐 😐 😐

Here's my favorite tip to clean makeup brushes: the secret household product to this easy DIY cleaning solutions. Makeup brushes clean in 5 minutes!

It’s best for the brushes to dry at a downward angle to prevent water from getting stuck inside the brush. The easiest way to accomplish this is to add a hand towel (or roll up a small wash rag) to prop up the ends of the brush while drying.

Here's my favorite tip to clean makeup brushes: the secret household product to this easy DIY cleaning solutions. Makeup brushes clean in 5 minutes!

Quick Tips: Clean your brush in the morning AFTER you put on your makeup to allow them to dry for a full 24 hours before you need them again. It’s also helpful to rotate the brushes once within the 24 hours so that both sides dry evenly.

Here's my favorite tip to clean makeup brushes: the secret household product to this easy DIY cleaning solutions. Makeup brushes clean in 5 minutes!

Since I’m in ‘makeup cleaning mode’ (if there’s such a thing), I also wiped down my actually makeup and inside my cosmetic bag with a face cleansing wipe.

Easy peasy! Clean makeup brushes. Now if only the rest of my house was as clean 🙂

Click here to find out my favorite tip to clean makeup brushes: the secret household product to this easy DIY cleaning solutions. Makeup brushes clean in 5 minutes!







Each month I’m taking on a common organization challenge and tackling it with a thrift store item. I’m here to prove that organizing doesn’t always have to be expensive. All it takes is a little patience, DIYing and a great thrift store find! This month we’re tackling all electronic hair products with

 ||| Hair Dryer Storage |||

As a lover of affordable solutions of ANY kind, I’ve paired up with 19 extremely talented bloggers to bring you our monthly Thrift Store Upcycle Challenge. Each month we will create something amazing from an item(s) we’ve found at a thrift store, yard sale, resale shop etc. (Scroll to the bottom to see my fellow bloggers’ projects!)

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Last week we talked about the bathroom A LOT. In fact that’s ALL we talked about on the blog … cleaning, organizing & scrubbing. With good reason. Bathrooms are easy to overlook when organizing is concerned. Most of us don’t want to downsize the number of items we have in our bathrooms and there’s only so many containers one person can have under their sink. Right?!

The items that take up SO much room in my bathroom are my hair dryer, curling iron and straightener as well as their cords! (I have HUGE hatred of cords taking up a lot of room apparently.) I’ve been in search for the perfect basket to place these in for a while now. Nothing seemed to work. Regular bins didn’t do the trick and the newest organizing products made for hair dryers seemed to take up too much room in my cabinets.

Then a light bulb went off when I was at Goodwill last week staring right at these tall narrow clear vases. THESE were going to be my storage solution, with a little DIY.

Hair Dyer, Curling Iron & Straightener Storage

Materials Needed

  • Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Gloss Spray Paint: this is the ONLY pray paint I use. It’s a favorite amongst DIY bloggers. For this project I used these pink, teal and dark blue colors.
  • Superglue
  • Glass containers: These were my thrift store finds. I bought two taller ones (for a curling iron & straightener) and one shorter one (for my hair dryer).
  • Plastic bags
  • Painters Tape: Always get the good painters tape. I’ve found that the cheap stuff just doesn’t work as well and can completely ruin your project! I typically use Scotch brand, but Frog is another good option.


The VERY first thing that I do when starting a new DIY is to wash off the items that I’m working on. Especially since we’re spray painting it! The next step is to use your painters tape to designate the area that you want to add some color to. Make sure there’s no air bubbles by pressing your thumbs around the tape after you applied it to smooth out any bumps. I like the idea of adding color to the BOTTOM of the class containers as opposed to the top. With day to day use even the best spray paint will eventually chip. So keeping the spray paint at the bottom will of the containers will ensure that the color stays put.

Then place the plastic bags over the top of the containers adhering them with more painters tape. This is to ensure that our spray paint ONLY gets on the bottom of the containers and no where else.

Now we’re ready to spray paint. I always use cardboard boxes on top of garbage bags to do the spray painting. This ensures that the spray paint doesn’t make a mess. I used three light coats of spray paint to get the right color. Make sure you wait AT LEAST 30 minutes in between each coat. If you’re new to spray painting, make sure to check out my top 10 tips for a successful spray painted DIY.

Once the containers are dry, remove the painters tape SLOWLY and the plastic bags. Next we’re going to glue the containers together. This step is optional, but personally I really like it. Having the three containers glued together makes all of them more sturdy and easier to use when you’re taking out and putting away your hair products from your cabinet.

After adding a strip of super glue to a glass container, I lined them up next to my cutting board before pressing onto the other container. The cutting board helped make sure the containers stay in an even row.  You don’t have to use a cutting board … really anything straight & heavy. A wall would actually work as well! I held the jars together with both hands for a couple minutes to ensure the glue dried.

The hair dryer fits best in the shortest container. I put the straightener and curling iron in the two taller ones.

This is the perfect solution to ensure my hair products stay organized and take up as little room as possible!


Step by step guide to this brilliant DIY storage solution for your hair dryer, straightener and curling iron. No more cords dangling all over!




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the best tips I've seen lately to get rid of soap scum. Pinning for later!

Bathroom soap scum … totally un-glamorous and completely annoying. It pops up and just won’t go away. It also can make an otherwise perfectly clean bathroom look totally dirty. I always wait until the soap scum is so bad that I know I just need to clean it. By then it’s too late. Well not ‘too late’ as in I can never get rid of it. But ‘too late’ for it to be an easy chore. I then proceed to spend at least 30 minutes trying to get the shower to look presentable only to realize I barely made a dent. Then I give up. Fast forward a week or two later and I do the same thing.

Eventually I stopped repeating my inefficient system (hello insanity) and figured out something better.

Lindsay = 1

Soap scum = 0

…. finally 🙂

the best tips I've seen lately to get rid of soap scum. Pinning for later!


  • White distilled vinegar
  • Dish detergent
  • Dishwand Scrubber (This Scotch brand holds up really well AND you can buy refills …. surprisingly not all scrubbers have refills. Annoying, right?)

the best tips I've seen lately to get rid of soap scum. Pinning for later!


Open up your scrubber and fill it 1/3 with dish detergent and 2/3 with vinegar. The soap and vinegar may not mix together at the beginning. Totally fine. You can always give it a quick shake before you use it. I place one in each of our showers, keeping the actual scrubber part facing up. I do this so that the vinegar and detergent don’t leak out. Even if it leaks a little, it’s definitely not a big deal.

the best tips I've seen lately to get rid of soap scum. Pinning for later!

Now her’es the trick  ….

Instead of using it when your’e cleaning your bathroom, use it while you’re taking a shower! So when you’re in the shower use your scrubber to wash the walls. The hot water & steam of the shower will increase the cleaning ability. And continuing the shower water once you’re finished cleaning will ensure that the detergent and vinegar are washed OFF the walls.

I use the scrubber probably 3 times a week and only scrub for maybe 30 seconds each time. Instead of having to DEEP (and I mean DEEP) clean my shower once a week month, I use the scrubber a couple times a week. It’s made a HUGE difference in keeping up with soap scum and making our shower look presentable.

the best tips I've seen lately to get rid of soap scum. Pinning for later!

Who doesn’t love cleaning hacks?! Now if the rest of your bathroom is looking like the equivalent of that soap scum, take a look at our 5 Tips to Always Have A Clean Bathroom. These quick and painless tips will have your place looking amazing in now time!

the best tips I've seen lately to get rid of soap scum. Pinning for later!
the best tips I've seen lately to get rid of soap scum. Pinning for later!

Who doesn’t love an easy cleaning hack?!






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When we moved in to our new townhouse two years ago, I was on the mission to make this the worlds most organized & efficient moving process. There were post-it notes on the kitchen cabinets labeling what’s inside. Floor plans were drawn to scale on my computer to ensure all our furniture fit perfectly. And I even printed out custom labels for all our boxes denoting not only which room the box should go, but which floor.

Yet we never took time to organize our master  bathroom so it stayed a DISASTER for the last two years. I’m not sure if it was the fact that the master bath isn’t the most exciting place to organize. Or maybe it was that I couldn’t organize rouge without setting aside time for Joe and I to figure out how WE wanted the master bathroom laid out. Now that summer is ending and school is starting back up, it seemed like the perfect time to start tackling these organizational challenges that we’ve been putting off for … well.. two years.

If you’re nodding your head right now, make sure you read down to the bottom of this post for a $100 Target giveaway to style & organize your bathroom!

How we organized our master bathroom:

The very first thing we did was pull out EVERYTHING under our sink from the cabinets and drawers. Yes, this mess below was all pulled out and spread across our bedroom floor. I then washed off each of the items. Some were dusty and others were just plain disgusting. Question: why do mouthwash containers get so dirty? Odd right?

I wiped down all the cabinets of crumbs and spills. I decided that we needed a pop of color in our bathroom, so I used colorful drawer liners. These are actually are really easy DIY project that only takes 5 minutes to complete! Find some fun wrapping paper (I scored these at Target) and add contact paper and you’ve got a custom drawer liner! Check out our full DIY drawer liner tutorial.

I had originally used a thick clear drawer liner in the cabinets before we started this project so I figured I’d continue. Simply placing the original clear liners on top of my new ones make it a little more durable.

Now back to our pile of STUFF ….We also double checked that all these items were still being used. Was there anything that we were just throwing in our cabinets that we really didn’t use? Almost empty containers that we could combine? For some reason we had 4 … yes FOUR half used bottles of mouthwash. If that didn’t justify this organizing project, I don’t know what would!

Then we separated our items in to 4 categories:

  • Products we both use (toothpaste, mouthwash)
  • My products
  • Joe’s products
  • Necessities (toilet paper, towels, waste basket)

Next we evaluated our ‘real-estate’. Are there better drawers than others? Are there areas that only certain supplies will fit? Focus on those spots first and come to an agreement of what will go where. We have two sinks in our bathroom and storage under both of them, so we had to decide how to distribute the space.

Under Joe’s sink went the towels and taller containers.

Under my sink went the toilet paper and waste bin.

I found this adorable gray wire storage bin at Target that was perfect for our toilet paper. It even fit the Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® (Mega Rolls) that we put inside. If you haven’t heard of mega rolls you’re totally missing out. Each toilet paper roll has 4x more sheets that a regular roll and just as comfortable. THAT means you can change the toilet paper roll 4x less often. Score!

Target has a huge selection of these AND running a discount through 8/20. Who doesn’t love saving money? Just make sure to add this Target Cartwheel offer to save on your next purchase of Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong Mega Rolls.

The next area we tackled were the taller products that would go under Joe’s sink. These fun clear containers were a perfect size for under the sink. They also were wide enough to fit large lotion bottles, mouthwash and hair spray. Another Target find! We used three of them, one for joint items, one for Joe’s items and one for mine. I really liked the look of having specific LABELED containers to put these taller toiletries in.

Under my sink went a couple of these teal bathroom baskets. These are a quick way to store pouches full of beauty supplies. I store makeup in one, nail polish in another. I’m a HUGE fan of pouches, even in my purse!

Now we’re on to tackle the drawers. Our bathroom has three drawers in between the two sinks. I conceded and gave Joe the top drawer. Everyone always wants the top drawer, right? We’re a heavy cotton ball & q-tip using family, so these wide glass containers were large enough to store a good supply in. All I needed to do was put a label on the top, so we’d know which is which. Fortunately, I’ve never seen a product that I couldn’t label.

We used lightly tinted teal acrylic containers for the three drawers. I loved that there was a hint of color to them that matched the wrapping paper. I grabbed various sizes from Target to accommodate longer items (such as toothpaste) and smaller ones (such as toothbrush attachments). You definitely want a variety of sizes for drawer organization.

#DesignedMega Bathroom Refresh Quilted Northern Sweepstakes

Finally, UNDER our sink is as organized as above!





cleaning tips I really need for my bathroom.

A neighbor swings by and your place is a MESS. Company is visiting and sure enough you’ve already got an entire house to clean. Book club host cancels at the last minute and guess who is the NEW host?

We all want our place to look it’s best in for visitors. Even if it’s your best friends. Although my best friends know that while most of my house looks put tougher, whichever bedroom door is closed hides all the CRAP I threw inside right before they showed up 🙂 .

Next to the family room and kitchen, the bathroom is the next most visited room by guests (statistically accurate by …. my guess???).

The bathroom is definitely not the funnest room to clean (not that I know which room in my house where cleaning is actually FUN). It also can be easily forgotten. So here’s my best 5 tips to always keeping your bathroom in tip top shape. Now when you have the impromptu visitors, you won’t have to worry about your bathroom being clean!  It already will be!

cleaning tips I really need for my bathroom.

1 The 30 Second Bathtub Cleaning

I seem to always wait until we’re having company to clean my bathtub. By that time it’s no easy task and I’m cursing myself for not keeping in clean on a regular basis. Confession. No matter what system I used I never seemed to clean it BEFORE it gets out of control … until now. While I’m taking a shower, I use a dishwand half filled with detergent & vinegar to scrub the bathtub walls. Then shower water rinses it clean. How easy is that?


cleaning tips I really need for my bathroom.

2 Toilet paper

Nothing says TOTALLY DISORGANIZED like a bathroom running low on toilet paper. What’s worse is if it happens to your guest 🙁 . The EASIEST way to make sure you always have a supply on hand is through an Amazon subscription. You can set the deliver schedule based on your families needs and let them do the rest of the work! Not sure how much toilet paper you go through on average? Really, who does? There’s an estimator right on Amazon’s sight to help you figure it out! For all of you that are in a city, lugging toilet paper home from the grocery store is the worst, right? Get it delivered instead! Plus there’s a 15% discount going on now! Score!

cleaning tips I really need for my bathroom.

cleaning tips I really need for my bathroom.

Now that you’ve got your supply of toilet paper always on hand, reduce the number of times you need to change that roll with Quilted Northern. It’s got almost 4x MORE sheets that a regular roll and takes up 20% LESS space, so your under the sink storage just got easier!

And apparently little Reagan loves the toilet paper too. I swear it was out of my site for ONE second and this is what happened:

cleaning tips I really need for my bathroom.

3 Hand Towels

While I LOVE the look of white hand towels, I HATE how easily it is to spot dirt on them. No matter how fancy or expensive a white towel is, they all get dirty equally bad. That’s why I now buy several cheaper white towels instead of just one or two fancy ones. Once I see one getting dirty, I simply pull out a new one from my stash underneath the sink. A sparkling white towel always makes the bathroom look clean!

cleaning tips I really need for my bathroom.

cleaning tips I really need for my bathroom.

4 Rust, Ugh, Rust

Anything near a sink is prone to rust simply due to the amount of water that’s around. I tend to find that my metal soap dispenser start to have that gross rust presence within weeks of purchasing. Instead of throwing away a perfectly good soap dispenser, here’s what I do:

cleaning tips I really need for my bathroom.

Put one of these Magic Sliders at the bottom of the soap dispenser. If you have a round one, this is an awesome option. There’s enough sizes that you should be able to find one that works for you.  These keep the soap dispenser just above any water that may get on the counter.

5 Two for One

Here’s a solution for not only keep your toilet brush holder clean (these can get SO gross), but also a way to keep your bathroom smelling fresh without having to constantly spray:

Pour a tiny bit of all purpose cleaner in the bottom of your toilet brush holder. I keeps the toilet brush clean killing the germs while also keeping the bathroom smelling great!

cleaning tips I really need for my bathroom.

cleaning tips I really need for my bathroom.

Next time you have visitors over you won’t have to worry about cleaning your bathroom!




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cleaning tips I really need for my bathroom.

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