Welcome to Crazy Organized, a daily blog dedicated to elevating everyday life through organizing.

My name is Lindsay and I started this blog as a way to share my pure joy in finding ways to make life easier and more organized.

I love Pinterest, have no clue what I’m doing in the kitchen, do all my shopping via Amazon, have never turned down a cup (or pot) of coffee and can’t go more than 3 hours without checking my phone!


I new that from an early age that my obsession with order, structure and organization was slightly over the edge. Read: by 3rd grade I requested my mom give me two laundry baskets – one for whites and one for colors and by 5th grade I was pre-packing my lunches for the week each Sunday evening, even though my mom offered to do it every morning. It goes without saying that as early as I can remember I’ve always planned out my outfits at the beginning of each week with labels on hangers. Don’t all elementary school kids do this?

You’ll find me with a label maker in one hand and a glass (bottle) of red wine in the other!

I spend my post college years after Miami University (Ohio not Florida!) living it up in the big city of Chicago where I developed an abnormal passion for public transportation, cabs that honk obsessively and the the grid system of the city (what’s not to love about an organized city?!).

Five years ago my husband (Joe) & I relocated to Seattle for his job where I’m learning to embrace a world of camping, finally owning a car and a higher cost of living. Which brings me to my to another favorite things: saving money! To me there’s nothing better than finding an amazing organizational process that’s affordable. I’m no DIY guru, but am totally down for a cheap DIY project that looks like it came from a magazine.


In December 2015, we brought home Reagan, our rambunctious (and now 80 lb) Doberman. She was our first introduction in to parenthood and taught me how to tolerate less than perfectly clean floors.

In April 2017 we welcomed our little guy, Declan, in to the world. You can read all about what I did to prepare for our bundle of joy. (yes, I really accomplished all these things).

He’s not only been a the most amazing joy in our life, but also a source of so many new blog posts. Apparently new parents everywhere I begging to be more organized during the first year. Some of my baby posts have been my most popular (I’m not a parenting expert 😊)

I’m hoping he takes after his mother. Apparently I love to talk about laundry.

Looking to get organized, but aren’t sure where to start? That’s where I can help! My goal is to make each post full of easy tutorials, videos and suggestions to ensure that life becomes more organized AND SIMPLE. I hope it makes you feel that no home projects is too big or complex. You don’t need to spend a gazillion dollars to be organized. You might just need a little help to get started.

I’m excited to share my wins in organization (along with the misses), with a slice of humor.

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