I’ve never been the creative type. I’ve never been the best at picking unique and creative gifts for others. So when we were invited to a Christmas party with white elephant gifts, I panicked. While I didn’t need to have the funniest gift at the party, I atleast wanted my gift to be FUNNY.

Fortunately Amazon has us covered. I found tons of hilarious gifts. I was intending to only share my top 10 favorites, but some of these were just good good to skip. All these gifts below can be delivered to your doorstep in two days. Right in time for your party! Enjoy!

the absolute funniest white elephant gifts for your next party!

Funniest White Elephant Gifts on Amazon

1 Sriracha Hot Sauce Keychain Bottle 

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2 Social Media Shower Curtain 

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3 Microwave Smore Maker 

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4 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings Book 

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5 Pick Your Nose Cups

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6 Muffin Top Baking Cups

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7 Bacon Flavored Toothpaste 

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8 Tool That Grabs Where You Can’t Reach 

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9 Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game 

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Well, technically, here’s what THIS mom wants. Practical, useful and fun gift items. These gifts will be used well after the holiday season.

This is what every new mom really wants for Christmas this year!

What to buy a New Mom for Christmas

1 A Starbucks Gift Card

This might seem like an ehhh type of gift. But think again. There’s some days (well nights) that a new mom just doesn’t get any sleep. Something as simple as a cup of coffee can make or break that next day. It gets mom out of the house either by walk or car. Starbucks gift cards make great gifts or even stocking stuffers. Plus you can order them online.


2 A Portable Phone Charger

Before I had Declan, I had no idea how much I would be on my phone. It’s my lifeline to texting with other moms, Googling every parenting question in the book and late night shopping on Amazon. With that said, my battery seems to be under 20% at all times. Having this portable charger has been a life saver. No exaggeration.


3 Day of House Cleaning

Or week. Or month. Enough said.


4 Baby Registry

I know I know. Mom needs stuff for HER. But, are there items that no one bought you on your your registry that you really wanted? Or really needed? If it makes mom’s life easier, I say it’s a worthy Christmas present. Plus it’s way better than a gift she’ll never use.


5 Nice, New Flats

High heels got stored deep in my closet once my belly popped and haven’t been pulled out since. Most moms are worrying less about extra height and looking more for stylish comfort. These flats are an great option, especially since they slip on. Try tying your shoes with a 6 month old crawling at warp speed to chew a dog bone. Just saying.


6 Spa Day

Or a day for mom doing anything she likes. Spas aren’t my thing, but a day child free to oh say …. re-organize my closet is. I know. I’m weird. But giving mom a way to relax and do something she enjoys will always be appreciated.


7 Pretty, Flattering Top

Finding flattering clothes post baby is never fun. Maternity clothes are now too big, but pre baby clothes may not fit yet. Giving mom a top like this is dressy enough to wear out for dinner or around the house will ensure it gets a lot of use.


8 Comfy Sweatshirt

This fun comfy sweatshirt is perfect for those chilly winter nights or the mornings that she just doesn’t get out of her PJs until …. oh 2pm. Just saying.


9 Tablet

Tablets have come down in price so much lately, especially the Amazon Fires. This makes it a really nice, but not totally unreasonable gift. It’s a perfect way to read a book … or check Facebook 🙂 .


10 Magazine Subscription

For the mom who prefers hard copy reading or just wants a fun ‘surprise’ in the mail each month. Magazine subscriptions are constantly on sale, making it a really affordable gift or stocking stuffer.


Bonus …. When in doubt no mom I know has ever turned down a nice bottle of wine. 



Share with a new mom (or gift giver 🙂 ) who can appreciate!




A little something different on the blog today to get us all in the Christmas spirit …. Santa Letters! 

I’m excited to work with Santa.com to bring you a very tech savvy way for your kiddos to interact with Santa! While most of us are still thinking about Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas is just a little over a month away.

Teaching true holiday spirit, Santa.com offers some of the most amazing Christmas services for your kids including: 

  • E-mails from Santa (free!) – Santa.com has the most genuine email Santa Service. It’s ONLY site that will send a detailed, thoughtful Santa letter reply using the email Santa@Santa.com.
  • Text Messages from Santa ($9.99) – Receive daily, personalized text messages filled with Christmas spirit, amusing facts, and positive values. It’s a great, no-stress way to enjoy some Christmas Spirit every day.
  • Handwritten Notes from Santa – Santa.com offers a new service for sending handwritten notes from Santa.

What I love most is the focus on postivive lessons, not presents. There’s a Santa’s Nice List that promotes politeness, good habits, and reading.

Your little kids can download fun Christmas coloring templates, while the older kids will enjoy reading Santa’s personal blog. Alough Santa gears his blog and texts for the kids, he’s got a sense of humor that us parents will appreciate too. Anyone can sign up for text messages or e-mail Santa!

Santa Letters Discount Code

If this sounds like something fun for you and the kids, use the code: organized to get 20% off! Don’t we all love a deal!?

Head over to Santa.com and enter organized in the coupon code! This discount is only good through the 23rd, so head over to Santa.com soon!

We all love a little free something, don’t we?

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Here’s our easy and fun pregnancy announcement puzzles that we made to announce my pregnancy to our grandparents!

Step by step instructions for a creative pregnancy announcement puzzle. Easy and affordable, it's the perfect surprise for family or friends!

When I first found out that I was pregnant, I was so excited to tell Joe when he came home from work. Then once he knew … we waited. And waited. What was actually a really short amount of time before telling family and friends seemed a lot longer than it really was. But it was the perfect amount of time to come up with a creative pregnancy announcement to tell our family.  (It was also a great time to come up with a list of all the things you want to get accomplished before the baby arrives. Here’s my list of the 100 things I did.) I used our wedding ring boxes to make announcements for our parents.  So I wanted to change it up. A puzzle was a fun and interactive way to spread the good news!

Step by step instructions for a creative pregnancy announcement puzzle. Easy and affordable, it's the perfect surprise for family or friends!

Pregnancy Announcement Supplies


At first my plan was to be ultra crafty using a blank puzzle and design the labeling myself. But after a little research I realized it was much easier (and not much more expensive) do purchase purchase a pre-made puzzle online. I used the website Print Studio. Since they didn’t have an off the shelf puzzle with exactly what I was looking for, I created a digital template to upload on to their site. They then printed the template on to the puzzle for me. The completed puzzle was shipped to me in about a week. This was MUCH easier than attempting to DIY this portion. Feel free to use my ‘We’re having a BABY!’ template bellow. Just right click on the image and save it to your computer.

Step by step instructions for a creative pregnancy announcement puzzle. Easy and affordable, it's the perfect surprise for family or friends!

I originally looked for a small all white box to store the puzzle, but found these binder clips on clearance at Target and realized the box was perfect for this project. I really like the clear top. Amazon also has some fun clear gift box options.

Step by step instructions for a creative pregnancy announcement puzzle. Easy and affordable, it's the perfect surprise for family or friends!

Step by step instructions for a creative pregnancy announcement puzzle. Easy and affordable, it's the perfect surprise for family or friends!

I printed a small note “We’re excited to tell you ….” on standard white card stock in 14 size font. Loving all things arts & crafts, I’ve racked up many paper cutout punches so I used one to make the note card. Adding a hole punch in the top left corner, I laced with ribbon and affixed onto the clear cover.

Step by step instructions for a creative pregnancy announcement puzzle. Easy and affordable, it's the perfect surprise for family or friends!

Super easy and fun way to share the good news!








Over the next couple weeks, I’m going to step away from all the typical organization posts to share some of the fun pregnancy and baby related things I’ve been learning along the way. On April 24th we welcomed our first, Declan, and it’s been quite the wild ride since! Decorating the nursery, organizing the overwhelming about of baby supplies that we apparently need (ahhh!) and a couple fun DIY pregnancy announcements, like  the one I’m sharing in this post.


Last summer when we found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to come up with a fun way to tell our parents that they were becoming grandparents for the first time. Not an over the top crazy announcement, but a fun little surprise for them. Since our parents live on the other side of the country from us, these small pregnancy anouncment boxes were a perfect ‘mailable’ surprise! And true to my style, of course I wanted to DIY instead of buy.

DIY Pregnancy Announcement Supplies

  • small box (I actually used my engagement ring box!)
  • Two pieces of ribbon, one wider & one skinny
  • White cardstock
  • Tape
  • Super glue or crafting glue
  • Customizable Template


Grab your two pieces of ribbon and measure by placing each around the box. Trim any extra, keeping an additional 1/2 inch loose ribbon.

Next, wrap the wider ribbon around the box, holding tight and secure with a little glue in the back. Repeat this step with the skinny ribbon on top.

I used this template for my note. It’s editable so you can edit with your information.

The box I used (which was actually my engagement ring box) was 2 1/2 inches on each side, so I measured my note to inches wide (just a tiny bit smaller). This might take a little trial and error to seee what size you want the paper to be. The printable note has two sizes, but since it’s editable you can adjust to whatever works for you!

At the top and bottom of the paper, I made a half inch fold where I’ll tape the paper to the box. The top of the note is folded inwards and the bottom folded back (see phonto). I then folded the note accordian style with each fold the same size.

I then added tape to the the small folds on the top and bottom to secure to the lid & box. The top of the note was secured to the back of the lid and the bottom of the note was secured to the front of the box (see photos below).

I then gently folded and closed the lid of the box and mailed it off!