Fruit & Herb Flavored Ice Cubes

Trying to drink more water? Me too! These flavored ice cubes are the easiest way to jazz up my water and encourage me to drink more! 

try these delicious fruit and herb flavored ice cubes! perfect for a warm summer day! #flavoredicecubes A couple weeks ago I posted a project on how I make whole lemon ice cubes in attempt to drink more water. Apparently, I’m not the only one trying to kick the coffee habit. I was so surprised how popular this post was, especially considering I wasn’t planning on blogging about it (lemons and organization don’t exactly go hand in hand).

I’m loving my lemon ice cubes, but I’m also always up for ANY additional flavor that I can add to my daily 8 glasses of water. So, I’ve been experimenting with some other ice cube options.

There’s two ways to make flavored ice cubes: purée or ‘stuffed’:

To encourage me to drink more water, I stock up on these flavored ice cubes! #flavoredicecubes

Puréed fruit flavored ice cubes

If you’re looking for more of a flavor punch, purées are the way to go. I simply add my flavors in to a high-speed blender with a little water until I get a smooth consistency. Then pour the liquid in to the ice cube trays to freeze.

‘Stuffed’ fruit flavored ice cubes

This method is simply placing the fruit and/or herbs into the ice cube tray and fill up with water. In order to get a stronger flavor, I like to stuff the cubes with as much fruit and herbs as I can before filling the rest with water.

The whole point of these ice cubes is to give your water some flavor, pack in the fruit!

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  • High speed blender (I like to use our Magic Bullet)
  • I’m a big fan of these silicone ice cube trays as they’re small enough to fit in the very few open spaces of my packed-to-the-brim freezer. Plus, it’s super easy to pop a cube out.
  • Cutting board
  • Knife

Making flavored ice cubes is an easy way to encourage you to drink more water!

Flavor combinations

There’s really endless possibilities of flavored ice cube combinations. I’d say that it’s really based on personal preference, so here’s my favorites:

  • Strawberry basil purée
  • Very berry stuffed
  • Stuffed cucumber mint
  • Mango purée & orange slices

Flavored ice cubes make the most delicious water! drink up! #flavoredicecubes


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Fruit and herbs are the perfect incredients for flavored ice cubes! This is the easiest way to drink more water each day wtih delicious ice cubes! #flavoredicecubes

Cheers to drinking more water and maybe a little less coffee!


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  1. Audrey Johnson
    March 17, 2018 / 6:57 am

    This is AWESOME! Love this idea. And I thought your lemon one was good. Thanks for sharing. Now I need to go buy some of the silicone ice trays. You have inspired me.

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