Whole Lemon Ice Cubes

These whole lemon ice cubes are an easy way to start the day off with a healthy drink! 

These whole lemon ice cubes are a perfect healthy start to the day!

It’s been a goal of mine to drink more water for YEARS. Along with eat healthier, get more sleep, exercise regularly. Yeah, you get it. Yep, all the standard ‘New Years Resolution’ goals.

But drinking more water shouldn’t be THAT hard, right?

Well, for me it has been. Maybe because I drink too much coffee. Maybe it’s because I really don’t love the taste of water. I mean, it’s so plain.

All those restaurants offering lemon water are on to something. It just tastes better. Adding fruit to water lately has really helped me drink just a little bit more each day.

Except …. remembering to buy lemons each week, slice them and squeeze for each glass of water is a little too much work for this non-water drinking gal. Oh and then there’s the dirty dishes & utensils that it creates.

Lemons are loaded with vitamins and immune boosting benefits. While it’s definitely worth the work to drink a glass of lemon water each day, I knew there was an easier way to prep this.

Here’s what I do instead: Whole Lemon Ice Cubes

Buy LOTS of lemons during ONE trip to the grocery store.

Like I mentioned above, lemons have LOTS of health benefits. But would you believe the PEEL actually contains the most? Crazy, right? No, I’m not eating the peels, but I am going to drink them.

I chop up all the lemons I purchased, place them in a high speed blender  (adding a little water )and blend until the consistency is smooth.

Blend whole lemons to make lemon ice cubes!

I pour roughly 1/2 inch of juice in each cube of an ice tray.  Then place the tray on a flat surface in my freezer.

Each morning, I pour a large water bottle full of water and toss a lemon cube in!

If you like to drink warm water instead, simply heat up your water before adding the lemon cube to melt.

freezing lemons is a perfect way to make lemon ice cubes for daily drinking!

Start your day off right with a big glass of lemon water!

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  1. Audrey Johnson
    March 2, 2018 / 10:30 am

    This idea is awesome. I too find it difficult to drink water. Yuck, boring. I have tried the lemon slices, which helps but who has time for all of that? Not me. I have to do this. I also knew the peel was great for you but hey, who wants to chew a peel. This might work though. Thanks for sharing.

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