What every new mom REALLY wants for Christmas

Well, technically, here’s what THIS mom wants. Practical, useful and fun gift items. These gifts will be used well after the holiday season.

This is what every new mom really wants for Christmas this year!

What to buy a New Mom for Christmas

1 A Starbucks Gift Card

This might seem like an ehhh type of gift. But think again. There’s some days (well nights) that a new mom just doesn’t get any sleep. Something as simple as a cup of coffee can make or break that next day. It gets mom out of the house either by walk or car. Starbucks gift cards make great gifts or even stocking stuffers. Plus you can order them online.


2 A Portable Phone Charger

Before I had Declan, I had no idea how much I would be on my phone. It’s my lifeline to texting with other moms, Googling every parenting question in the book and late night shopping on Amazon. With that said, my battery seems to be under 20% at all times. Having this portable charger has been a life saver. No exaggeration.


3 Day of House Cleaning

Or week. Or month. Enough said.


4 Baby Registry

I know I know. Mom needs stuff for HER. But, are there items that no one bought you on your your registry that you really wanted? Or really needed? If it makes mom’s life easier, I say it’s a worthy Christmas present. Plus it’s way better than a gift she’ll never use.


5 Nice, New Flats

High heels got stored deep in my closet once my belly popped and haven’t been pulled out since. Most moms are worrying less about extra height and looking more for stylish comfort. These flats are an great option, especially since they slip on. Try tying your shoes with a 6 month old crawling at warp speed to chew a dog bone. Just saying.


6 Spa Day

Or a day for mom doing anything she likes. Spas aren’t my thing, but a day child free to oh say …. re-organize my closet is. I know. I’m weird. But giving mom a way to relax and do something she enjoys will always be appreciated.


7 Pretty, Flattering Top

Finding flattering clothes post baby is never fun. Maternity clothes are now too big, but pre baby clothes may not fit yet. Giving mom a top like this is dressy enough to wear out for dinner or around the house will ensure it gets a lot of use.


8 Comfy Sweatshirt

This fun comfy sweatshirt is perfect for those chilly winter nights or the mornings that she just doesn’t get out of her PJs until …. oh 2pm. Just saying.


9 Tablet

Tablets have come down in price so much lately, especially the Amazon Fires. This makes it a really nice, but not totally unreasonable gift. It’s a perfect way to read a book … or check Facebook 🙂 .


10 Magazine Subscription

For the mom who prefers hard copy reading or just wants a fun ‘surprise’ in the mail each month. Magazine subscriptions are constantly on sale, making it a really affordable gift or stocking stuffer.


Bonus …. When in doubt no mom I know has ever turned down a nice bottle of wine. 



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