These are the Cyber Monday Sales that Your Inner Organizer Can’t Miss

If there’s one consolation to getting back to work the Monday after Thanksgiving, it’s the amazing online sales. Just when you thought the craziness of Black Friday was over, we invent another ‘holiday’ … Cyber Monday. While I love the excitement of Black Friday (it’s a family tradition that we take to the extreme as evidenced by a table full of newspaper ads šŸ™‚ ), there’s something awesome about getting the same huge discount straight from your computer.

So sit back, look like you’re working and grab these incredible deals on your favorite organizing solutions!


Under the Sink Storage

I’m always trying to utilize the space under our sinks the best I can. I have a couple of these adjustable shelves both under our kitchen sink and bathroom sink. These really maximize storage while allowing everything to be super accessible. If you’ve ever bought under a sink storage solution before, you know these can add up quickly, so finding a great dealĀ is like hitting the jackpot

Collapsible Laundry Baskets

I’ve got 3 of these laundry baskets in our laundry room: one for darks, whites and delicates. While they can take up a lot of room in a small laundry room, theseĀ laundry baskets FOLD & collapse to save space when you don’t need them.



While I’m LOVING this 70% off tuperware Groupon deal, I’m cursing while typing this because I paid FULL price for these at a retail store last week. Ugh. I was getting so frustrated with our mismatching kitchen containers that I pulled the plug a week too early and got rid of all our odds & ends containers to purchase new ones. I then became irrationally happy every time I opened our cabinet to see a pile of matching containers & lids. This Groupon deal offers a variety of size and quantity options ranging from 8 to 24 piece sets to fit what you’re looking for.

Lunch Bags

I try to plan out our lunches ahead of time on Sunday nights. Let me repeat, I TRY to plan out our lunches. One thing that has made it SO much easier is having servingĀ size containers and lunch bags. I really like these lunch bags, not only because they’re insulated (I ALWAYS forget to put my lunch in the fridge when I get to work. I know, gross.), but because each one has individual containers that fit right inside the bag. I used to pack our lunches in mismatched Tupperware containers and huge grocery bags. It was bulky and super annoying. Not anymore!

Slicers and Dicers

I recently got rid of lots of our slicers and dicers, not because we don’t use them, but because they take up so much room in our drawers! I love that these are a more compact AND come with a storage container. Plus several of the slicers have two different blades which reduces the number of inivdiaul slicers. This is a really great kitchen item for those who have limited storage room in their kitchen (isn’t that all of us?).



There’s very few things more annoying than misplacing your wallet or keys right as you’re about to walk out the door. That’s why I LOVE my Tiles. These magical little pieces work as an easy way to find whatever you’re missing via an app on your phone. There’s a couple sizes so whether you misplace your laptop (like I do) or simply can’t find your keys, this is the quickest way to find them!

Real Simple Magazine

The mecca of everything clean, beautiful and organized is undoubtedly Real Simple Magazine. There’s just something about taking a break from Pinterest to flip the pages of a physical magazine. Finding Real Simple at 92% off??? I’ll take a lifetime supply!


The motherload of Cyber Monday organizing products are at Macy’s. Seriously. No joke. Huge amounts ofĀ storage and organizational products on clearance. Plus everything is an extra 25% off on Cyber Monday. Below are a couple of my favorites:


Decorative baskets are such an easy way to decorate AND organize. And who doesn’t love a two for one? Especially if you’re low on space (I’m raising my hand), using baskets to hide your belongings can be a really smart solution. Unfortunately expensive baskets always look nicer than the cheap ones. Don’t you hate that? So I’m pretty aggressive on searchingĀ for deals on the pricier baskets. These Cyber Monday sales bring down the price of the baskets substantially and are worth stocking up on.

Under the Bed Storage

I’m a huge fan of under the bed storage. I mean, it’s extra space that no one can see, why not take advantage of it?Ā I have a strong preference for clear storage bags. That way when I look under the bed I can easily identify specifically which bag to grab. If you’ve ever tried to pull stuff out from under your bed, you know it’s not exactly easy šŸ™‚ .

If you know your New Years Resolution is going to involve paper organization, you might as well buy your supplies on a heavy discount, right? Paper organization is always a little bit more fun with decorative organizational supplies. I love these colorful paper storage boxes, partially because they’re colorful and partially because they have a built in label.


I would have never thought of Ebay for my Cyber Monday shopping, but they’ve got some AMAZING deals. Make sure when you checkout to add the promo code ‘CYBERFLASH16’ to earn an extra $15 off your purchase.

Silhouette Cutting Machine

While making labels is only ONE of the many things that you can use with a silhouette, it’s definitely my favorite. TheĀ Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine is an investment for sure (as they’re not cheap), but you’ll use it forever. Before I purchased mine, I constantly watched online for sales & coupons and can honestly say this Ebay deal is a better price than I got it for. (#Notbitter #yesIam)

Storage Racks

Admittedly I likely wouldn’t think to buy storage racks at Ebay, but hey … if’s there’s a storage solution anywhere, I’ll find it. If you’ve ever shopped for a large storage rack before, you know these are NOT cheap. This particular one is super versatile. Whether you need clothing storage or garage storage, this one is an awesome heavily discounted option. There’s limited quantity of these and are going really quick, so make sure to jump on this deal right away.

Ā Happy shopping!






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  1. November 28, 2016 / 8:32 pm

    The chrome shelf/drawer combo is one of my favorite organizing tools. We’re a military family that moves every 1-3 years and this shelf has fit in several of my past homes and it has made a big impact on organizing my family. Love your organizing products ideas. Thanks for the inspiration.

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