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‘Hilarious Christmas Party Games’

It’s day one of the 12 Days of Christmas Ideas Series where I’m joining 11 amazing bloggers to bring you some fun and festive Christmas ideas each day for the next twelve days! Make sure to check back daily for a new Chritmas topic filled with our favorite bloggers’ ideas! Today we’re bringing you the best FUNNY Christmas Party Games!


Santa’s Delivery Game 

The winning team will successfully deliver the most packages. Provide a large quantity of wrapped boxes and gift bags in various sizes with jingle bells inside for fun. No need for ribbon or bows.

Place a card table on both ends of the room. One will be the starting point where the packages will be placed. Select one person to be the hub manager. The hub manager is in charge of keeping count of the number of packages successfully delivered.

One by one, team members aka delivery drivers, will pick up as many packages as they can carry and quickly deliver them to the table at the other end of the room. Once there they will put them all down then pick them back up and deliver them back to the first table where the next member of their delivery team will then go.

Any packages dropped on the floor must remain on the floor and cannot be retrieved except by the hub manager who will return them to the starting table. As the competition continues, the later players will need to carry more and more packages. The team to deliver the most packages successfully wins.


Do You HEAR What I HEAR 

Requires normal Christmas items you will already have and ‘sounds’ like so much fun!



3 Christmas Carol Opposites Game

A free printable from Crafting Chicks. You may want to pair folks up in teams of two and encourage a little friendly competition with this one.




4 Holiday Family Feud 

Pinned thousands of times and updated with free printables, Holiday Family Feud will make your party memorable!



Crepe Paper Christmas Game

You will be wrapping a victim, party guest in crepe paper to resemble either a Christmas tree, a snowman or a Reindeer.


All supplies for this game are available at the Dollar store

  • White, Green or Brown crepe paper
  • 2 Hats for the snowmen
  • 2 sets of reindeer ears
  • Cheap stick on bows for the tree
  • 2 Christmas head bands for tree topper

One person on each team will be the subject being decorated with the crepe paper. Team members will wrap the subject around and around with the crepe paper until well wrapped. Once the wrapping is complete, top with the hat for the snowman or reindeer ears for the reindeer or the bows for the tree. The first team to finish wins.


6 Jingle Bell Toss

Jingle Bell Toss will be popular with guests of all ages especially those who love Corn Hole.



7 Christmas Bingo

Break out some Kisses candy and grab these free printable Christmas Bingo cards!



8 Kids Christmas Charades Game

This Kids Christmas Charades Game will entertain the children at your party or you could make an adult version.



9 Reindeer Antler Game

This is a team game for those with a competitive spirit! You’ll want to repeat this game year after year for rivalry revenge!



10 Stocking Stuffer Game 

The Stocking Stuffer Game can either be a team relay or a one on one competition.

You will need two Christmas Stockings, a bowl full of stocking stuffer goodies such as candy or Dollar Store trinkets and two spoons.

Hang the stockings. Place a large bowl full of the stocking stuffers onto a table near the stockings. Each player gets a spoon which they will use to scoop up the stocking stuffers and fill their Stocking. The first player to fill a stocking wins.


11 Candy Canes

The object here is to get as many candy canes onto the one in your mouth as you can hold. You could do this as a relay by picking up one and carrying it to a designated location or filling a Christmas stocking with them. Use your imagination.


12 Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Game 

Begin this scavenger hunt about a week before your party. Set up a Facebook page for everyone to submit pictures of each item as they find them and watch the competition begin! You may want to give a nice prize to your winner for this one!



Here’s our favorite Hilarious Christmas Stocking Stuffers:


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