DIY Fridge Liners

Make your own inexpensive and easy-to-clean DIY fridge liners!

Make your own inexpensive and easy-to-clean DIY fridge liners!

It’s hard enough to keep a fridge organized, let alone clean. Spills, leaks and stains can be unavoidable. When those happen, cleaning becomes a huge chore often requiring shelves to be taken apart for a good scrub down. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time for that. Which means the spills marinate on the shelves and become impossible to get off.

So to solve this problem, I got a little crafty with just $10 to make my own fridge liners.

I found some colorful print plastic placemats on sale at Target for only $.99 each. (Regularly $1.99 a piece, they’re still a great price for this project.) To fill my fridge, I needed 10 placemats, but purchased a couple extra just in case.

In addition to the placemats, no fancy supplies are needed for this project. Just grab a pen or marker and a scissor!

DIY Fridge Liners: keep your fridge clean AND pretty!

I started with the fridge door shelves. To get the right size fridge liner, I traced the outside edge of the shelves onto the BACK side of one of the placemats and cut along the edges. Since I traced the outside of the shelf onto the placemat, my liner was initially too big to place inside the shelf. So I snipped the sides a couple times until I found the perfect size. Surprisingly this method was not only the easiest, but aesthetically looked pretty darn good as well.

Affordable DIY fridge liners that are EASY to make!

My fridge has three small shelves on each of the two doors. I ended up only needing one placemat per door (I was able to make 3 small shelf liners per placemat).

Make DIY fridge liners for all the shelves in your fridge!

I will admit, even though I think these look fabulous, this approach does make for slightly imperfectly sized liners. The alternative of getting that perfect measurement of the inside of the drawer, tracing onto the placemat and cutting to the exact measurement just didn’t seem worth it for this project.

Make these DIY fridge liners with cheap plastic placemats and a scissor!

The shelves inside of the fridge were MUCH easier to trim (mostly because the shape was an easy-to-trim rectangle). I used the same method as the fridge drawers. My fridge has two pull out drawers at the bottom and two shelves above. I needed 8 placemats for the inside of the fridge.

These DIY fridge liners are so easy to make and keep your fridge clean AND pretty!

The shelves have glass bottoms surrounded by plastic sides, so my goal was to cover the glass bottom with the placemat. I trimmed the placemats to fit right under the plastic sides. I did not use any adhesive to secure the placemat to the glass. It fit naturally and did not slide at all with use 🙂 . Plus this made it easier to remove when I needed to clean.

this quick DIY fridge liners project is easier than it looks!

Make your fridge beautiful AND easy to clean with DIY fridge liners!

After months of use, these DIY fridge liners are keeping our fridge clean and pretty!






  1. Janae
    October 7, 2017 / 11:21 am

    Wow Lindsay! This is a great idea. I can’t stand cleaning up hard spills in the fridge. I am going to try this. It really makes it look organized and I live for organization!

  2. Audrey Johnson
    February 26, 2018 / 3:43 pm

    These are really great. I would never have thought of these on my own. I tried contact paper before but it just did not hold up very well. In small spaces like the door sections it crinkled up pretty bad. Can’t wait to get me some and get started. Thanks for sharing.

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